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  1. Strike Solitaire is HTML5 game with famous and well-known delightful gameplay mixed with a bowling touch. Reveal all the cards on the tableau, that are laid face down, just as if they have been scattered about a bowling green. Match the cards by swiping matching letters and numbers to the equal ones as if you play bowling. In case, a card on the tableau has no pair, pull another matching one from the deck. Fewer cards are left, more points you'll get in a meanwhile. Are you eager playing this extraordinary free mobile game combination right now? Master your scores and unlock new all
  2. After being married, a couple of prince Arthur and princess Fiona received a wonderful present from the king. It was the poorest region in the kingdom, but the king made a promise to newly-weds: “Bring the order and prosperity to this land and I will proclaim you as successors to the throne.” Prince pledged to reconstruct and enrich the presented land. Start bringing the order to the abandoned area: build a warehouse with workers, chop woods, grab the artefacts, cook food and crush the stones. Collect the gems to change them into new skills later. Work harder to break the trail to t
  3. Don’t touch the hooks - rescue the fish from those who want to catch it fast. An extraordinary sea-fish was put in a danger from different directions. Hunger fishermen lower their hooks in the sea, trying to catch our fish. Tap on the screen to turn aside of the hooks lowered along the edges of the screen. Gather the worms to change them into a new skin appearance of the fish later. Lots of different fish looks are available. Be careful, do not touch the sandy bottom because of an angry octopus. If you jump out of the water any bird, flying along may quickly catch you. Stay safe
  4. ‘Dragon Climb’ - move toward to the top with an eccentric flying dragon! There used to live a mythical monster with small wings and claws and a short tail. One day he fell down accidentally to the very bottom of a cave. It is a right time to hold out helping hand to the green dragon. Tap once to rise up to the exit. Tap faster to fly faster. There are lots of sharp spikes on the wall, fly neatly not touch the prickles. Collect golden coins in order to exchange them in future for different looks for the dragon. Climb higher with the flying dragon! Play online on your devices: htt
  5. Fail Circle - meet a runner who competes in distance races. He did a lot of training and exhausting exercises and now is fully ready for a participation in a marathon. Run round to help the runner win the marathon! He is quite sure that one day he becomes a champion! The gameplay is pretty straightforward: the marathoner runs without a stop, tap once to jump over the hurdles, tap twice for a double jump. If the marathoner runs into the hurdles more than three times, he may fall and the competition starts over again. How many circles can you run? Play online on your devices: http:
  6. Move to a region where a battle is being fought in ‘Toy Defense’ HTML5 game. Get involved in a military confrontation of a toy army against attacking enemies. The military superior proceeded a command to defend a toy headquarters and beat off the attack of opposing toy forces. Become a Commander-in-Chief of toy militarists and put your troops on various spots to beat the aggressor.Place the valiant riflemen, fearless machine-gunners, flamethrowers and strengthen your positions with mighty cannons and ack-acks. Save the most advanced soldiers and use them in the next battle! Win the battl
  7. Take control over leaping ball in ‘Jumping Light’ HTML5 game! Sounds easy? Give it a try and stay alive in this jumping session! The gameplay is pretty facile and evident: one should keep a fireball jumping as long as possible. There are frequently disappearing green blocks moving like an equalizer and blazing fireball. Catch flashing dots and get an extra point to your score! Beat your highest score and share it with everyone! Keep on jumping up and down! http://playtomax.com/games/Jumping-Light/
  8. Zenext, do you use adBlocker or any similar extensions? Thank you.
  9. Zenext, thank you! We are about to check that issue starting from now. Could you please share your device / browser?
  10. There is a place, where lots of wonderful horned animals live. That place has become overgrown with a green grass and inhabited by various horny creatures with the only difference in coloring. They love staying at the center of attention and invite you to meet a challenge - play ‘Tap Them All’! The gameplay is quite obvious and engaging: one should tap those creatures while adhering color prompts. There one can observe a line at the top and bottom of a field, indicating the color. Not sure what should be tapped? Catch your sight and tap on the animals of corresponding coloring cautiously.
  11. Day D: Tower Rush is tower defense HTML5 game where one has got a chance to change the course of history, straight up from Jurassic period! Here is a battle between technocratic and ancient creatures! Would you defeat in this fight against the hordes of dinosaurs? Your mission is to protect your base with a time machine, thoroughly pursuing a strategy and employing your own tactics. Start building crossbow towers to attack fast-ah-saurs, constantly appearing and running to your base. Build as many towers as you need to beat all assailants, gather resources to do upgrades which may bring y
  12. Charming mysteries in an incredible puzzle game that will definitely give your brain lots of training with Asian Riddles! - This html5 version of a well-known game is about a trial and relax at the same time with more than 100 levels. Perceive the world of Japanese crosswords, called nonograms, developing your logic, creative thinking and erudition. Images are encrypted with numbers located to the left of the lines and on above the columns. The numbers of lines show how many groups are in the filled cells of the corresponding row or column, and how many fused cells contain each of these
  13. Take part in a great competition, play ‘Mahjong World Contest’ HTML5 game with countless numbers of golden tiles! Accept an invitation, demonstrate your matching skills and become Mahjong master with this entertaining mahjong experience! Dispose of unlocked matching pairs of tiles from gaming board, so there should not remain any other tiles on the other side or on top. Experience level difficulties to earn more points and improve a matching skills. Conduct a world tournament with many qualifying rounds and achievements. Win trophies and explore lots of chances to earn rank points
  14. It is a right time to challenge your brain with ‘Gem Legends’ HTML5 game with match3 gameplay. It may seem easy and uncomplicated at first, but each brings new challenge with specific Asian flavour. The rules are facile, there is a gaming board in front of you with scattered Asian multicolored tiles, your mission is to choose a group of two or more and eliminate them all from a board. Your number of moves is limited as well as a time in different levels, watch an indicator in each level. Remove a group of 5 or more chips to get a bonus. Shift the chips to make a bonus appear in a gro
  15. Flash back to popular 'Treasures of Montezuma 2' game, that is now available in HTML5, thanks to Alawar Entertainment and PlayToMax! Well-known 'Treasures of Montezuma 2' match-3 puzzle game will definitely get you back in an exciting adventure. Take a journey back to an ancient civilization, to find out ancient riddles and Aztec secrets. Collect all the artifacts, hidden into tokens, combine pieces of the same color while playing this match-3 adventure. Choose between game modes of your taste, play more levels and make efforts in gaining jewels. Your achievements are be rewarded w
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