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    PlayToMax got a reaction from Umz in Fail Circle   
    Fail Circle - meet a runner who competes in distance races. He did a lot of training and exhausting exercises and now is fully ready for a participation in a marathon.

    Run round to help the runner win the marathon! He is quite sure that one day he becomes a champion! The gameplay is pretty straightforward:
    the marathoner runs without a stop, tap once to jump over the hurdles, tap twice for a double jump.

    If the marathoner runs into the hurdles more than three times, he may fall and the competition starts over again. How many circles can you run?
    Play online on your devices: http://playtomax.com/games/Fail-Circle/
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    PlayToMax got a reaction from Umz in 'Bob The Robber' is now HTML5!   
    PlayToMax and Meow Beast are very proud to present HTML5 version of a famous game - 'Bob The Robber', ported from flash!
    Have you ever played as a professional thief? 
    Get on a mission with 'Bob The Robber' and stay uncaught! 

    Are you willing to take a risk? Your mission remains the same, rob the premises and commit thiefs.
    Act like a real robber to commit thefts, force locks, pass unnoticed under numerous enforcement cameras and clean out premises.

    Pick up money in unexpected hidden places, read secret messages on the walls that may help Rob go further. Will you steal without being noticed?

    Play it online on your devices: http://playtomax.com/games/Bob-The-Robber/
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    PlayToMax got a reaction from IamThatGuy in Strike Solitaire   
    Strike Solitaire is HTML5 game with famous and well-known delightful gameplay mixed with a bowling touch.

    Reveal all the cards on the tableau, that are laid face down, just as if they have been scattered about a bowling green. Match the cards by swiping matching letters and numbers to the equal ones as if you play bowling. In case, a card on the tableau has no pair, pull another matching one from the deck. Fewer cards are left, more points you'll get in a meanwhile.

    Are you eager playing this extraordinary free mobile game combination right now? Master your scores and unlock new alluring frames.
    Play online on your devices: http://playtomax.com/games/Strike-Solitaire/
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    PlayToMax got a reaction from sombriks in Legendary Farm Frenzy 2 is now HTML5!   
    PlayToMax is glad to present a legendary 'Farm Frenzy 2' game, now available in HTML5!

    Well-known title with fascinating point-and-click gameplay where a player has a chance to manage the production operations on a village farm and become a real farmer!

    Are you ready to get involved in a farming business?

    Start you career to raise animals, while processing the goods, produce and sell made products afterwards. Each level in Farm Frenzy 2 presents a player with the particular set of objectives. One should follow the foundation of farming - regularly water the grass to feed animals, produce a settled amount of goods, gather them to reach the goal.

    Complete each level within a set time limit to earn stars, unlock and purchase the upgrades.

    Take advantage of various opportunities to operate your farm and reach your maximum at farm business with 'Farm Frenzy 2' game!
    Play it online on your devices: http://playtomax.com/games/Farm-Frenzy2/
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    PlayToMax got a reaction from GameOptimal in Windows app publisher "One Team" is taking html5 games   
    The same issue with three our games. Contacted Windows Phone Store Team and 'One Team' directly, waiting for feedback from both two sides.
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    PlayToMax got a reaction from maninduw in Haunted Halloween - cross-platform html5 game by PlayToMax   
    Sup guys,
    Here's  another our game - "Haunted Halloween"

    It's a physics puzzle game. We used Box2d and our own framework.

    The old scatterbrain skeleton has lost his head and the player's task is to return the head to its owner. You can move platforms, make things explode and also change the sizes of some objects. And overcome some obstacles like dead hands. 

    Here's a link  
    If you have any questions please feel free to ask  
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    PlayToMax reacted to rich in Looking to license mobile browser games (non-exec basis, puzzle, logic and arcade genres)   
    Update: We've now finished licensing games for this client - thank you everyone who sent your games in
    Hi all,
    We're in the position of trying to help a client of ours beef-up their offering of games on their web site and in their mobile app (so the game will be served via a WebView within their container).
    We need both intelligent / logical / strategic games and a few arcade flavour games as well.
    The logic games could cover anything really, but the pressure (from the games point of view) must be based on solving a puzzle rather than beating a clock or having fast reactions. Chess puzzles, card games, strategy games, "brain training" style games - all of those would work, "whack-a-mole" would not.
    They also need a few arcade style games as well, still mostly casual in focus, but they can be faster paced and more reaction skills based. Sports games would do well here.
    The deal is a one-off payment, non-exclusive, locked to a single site / app. There's minimal API integration (start / end calls), but remember that the puzzle / logic games have to work correctly within a WebView and not grind to a halt. There's no ads, no "more games" buttons, banner / logo placements, etc. If custom changes to your game are required it would be paid for on a work-for-hire basis (please state if you cannot undertake this at all)
    Interested? Please SEND ME LINKS TO YOUR GAMES (attached screen shots a bonus) rdavey@gmail.com - thanks
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    PlayToMax got a reaction from ozdy in TrueToken is now PlayToMax   
    Hey dear friends,

    You may know us previously as TrueToken.
    Maybe for some of you it will be interesting to hear that recently we've got some investments and now due to the re-branding the official name of our company has changed to “PlayToMax”.
    Our team is growing and changing to create even more captivating highly productive games.
    We stared as TrueToken and have developed 100+ crossplatform HTML5 games and won variety of prizes and awards and as PlayToMax we will perform even better.

    Truly yours,
    PlayToMax team
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    PlayToMax reacted to Hemant in Looking to buy kid friendly HTML5 games   
    Hello everyone , My company is looking to buy HTML5 Games for Kids, Our target age is 2 - 6 years.
    The games should be such which can integrated in tablet of mobile as well 
    Preferred games would be learning games for children. 
    Fun games will also work for us. 
    Please email me at hemant@numobstes.net if anyone has created such games, or if you know any site where i can purchase them. 
    Please keep in mind that the games should be for kids age group 2 -6 years
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