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  1. Hey guys, I have just got adverts working in my game, however I have an issue with loading the ad. When I call this function fullscreen1 = CocoonJS.Ad.createFullscreen(fullscreen1Params);It will lock up/lag my game until it fetches the ad. I want to do this asynchronously but I don't know how to tackle this using pure javascript (I am not using a framework that has this built in). Does anyone have tips for how they bypassed this issue? I am tempted to just wait until the complete callback is called however if the ad fails to load then the game will never start. Is there a simple way around this? Thanks.
  2. What I ment was, if you make the balls with javascript and color them in instead of using sprites it may give you better performance.
  3. Well this could be because ios uses webkit which anti alias everything. Android I have no idea what the default browser is.
  4. When you launch with the custom launcher, do you get any errors in the console? Also in AdMob and mopub, have you set your eCRM to more than $0.00?
  5. I doubt you could make a mame for these style of games. This is because each device was just hardware so they all have completely different rules. however you could build a basic grid style game template and then making most of these games would be easy.
  6. I agree with Sebastian. I have tried many different frameworks and when it comes to porting my games, the fps is the same. How are you porting your games?
  7. I noticed recently that images really make my game heat up, the whole time through development, I have been making my game with js rects and circles and the game runs fine and no heat, after I add a full screen image (bg) my macbook is heating up during testing and so is my phone. Reading into it, I feel right now, the way textures are bilted to the canvas is inefficient.
  8. These are amazing! I think I may use monkey island band for a small puzzle game I am making! Once I have it in ill link you to the beta build!
  9. https://developer.android.com/guide/webapps/debugging.html
  10. On my macbook, the clicks fails sometimes where I cant pick up food. Still, love the art, Kawaii/10
  11. http://pangolingames.com/how-to-audit-image-ram/ Pretty good write up about how ram is used with image sizing.
  12. If you want to test this more, have you tired not using textures on your balls? in this issue i posted here http://www.html5gamedevs.com/topic/7123-cocoonjs-images-and-screen-resolution/ I lost almost 25 FPS due to a single static image. I fixed the issue by lowering the game res but still this is very strange.
  13. Oh forgot to mention that I fixed this problem by doubling the AABB collision handler. the box would be fixutre A if clicked but if it was collided by the water it would be fixture B. So now I just say somthing like if(contact.fixtureA == box || contact.fixtureB == box){//THEY ALL FLOAT}
  14. Yes, cocoonJS calls the resize event on load so inside it I do this to make the screen the correct size. (this streches to fill the screen) this.onResize = function(event){ io.canvas.width = 320; io.canvas.height = 480; scaleX = io.canvas.width / window.innerWidth; scaleY = io.canvas.height / window.innerHeight; io.canvas.style.width = window.innerWidth + 'px'; io.canvas.style.height = window.innerHeight + 'px'; };And inside the touches I simply function touchMove(event){ mouseX = event.touches[0].pageX*scaleX; mouseY = event.touches[0].pageY*scaleY; }
  15. I have not used WebView+ for any finished products, but out of curiosity I have tested my canvas+ apps on it. It runs almost the same as it would in a chrome mobile browser. You only notice the performance of canvas+ if your game has to run at a target FPS. As a rule in my studio (as all our games are physics games) we aim at 60FPS. I am making a non FPS Dependant game that will use WebView+ and DOM elements as UI. The thing to remember is WebView+ is just the latest chromium with some minor tweaks to optimise canvas operations.
  16. As someone who came from a background of 'Native' game development (C++, C#, Java) I find that people who are already making a living from game/app development are happy where they are, as there is huge bias against HTML5 as a 'serious' game platform. Go back 2.5 years and most of the frameworks were either garbage, propriety (which no-one would buy because if your not sure on the foundations your not gonna buy and build a house on it) or just too new. This attitude did make HTML5 game development look bad, but now (2.5 years on),we have amazing frameworks, better online discussion and education and mobile adoption. (I have recently started to develop small games for messaging apps in China which HAVE to run on HTML5). I should add that I monazite my HTML5 games via ad-revenue the same way any android or iOS app would.
  17. To help illustrate my problem, here you see the blue water rising, If moving blocks (the maroon + orange one) they float as expected. But the blocks at the bottom are at a stand still.
  18. Hey guys, I was wondering if any box2D (javascript) users here could help me with this issue I am having. I have some boxes that will float to the top of a block of water. This function works fine //if inside the water this.waterObj.GetBody().SetLinearVelocity(new b2Vec2(0,-2)); I want my water take the boxes like a wave, however when the water block collides with the boxes, the collision handler is NOT called… However if I drop my boxes into the water it works fine (even if the water block is moving) I think this is to do with the collision handler not being called on my blocks if they are stand still, I have set the bodyDef.allowSleep = false; at creation and even reiterated throughout the boxes to check that sleeping is off; but this hasn’t changed anything, I even set the whole world sleep to false. Can anyone help me get the water collision handler to trigger if it hits my stand still (not sleeping) blocks? Cheers!
  19. I use howler.js, It only uses audio tags if the Web Audio API is un-supported and comes with loads if great api features.
  20. I am using the iio engine. I think its just my initial huge screen resolution. HTML5 Canvas blits textures and images every draw which is intensive if your resolution is huge. I have shrunk the res down to 360X480 and I scale up using CSS now and my issues are fixed.
  21. I personally do every thing through canvas for two reasons 1) I want to control everything through my engines app (dom elements need messy code and can't guarantee that it will look the same on all browsers) 2) I Port my games to iOS and Android using cocoonjs, to use there webgl accelerated canvas plus, it has to be 100% no dom elements.
  22. Yes before it was just coloured rectangles. Only one object uses this image.
  23. Hey guys! I just want to find out if anyone knows why this is happening to my CocoonJS game. I had my physics game running at 60+ FPS no problems on my samsung S3 (720x1280). However once I added a single image (58x62) it dropped the FPS to 42~43. The image is attached to a static box2D obj. Could the screen resolution be too big? I ask because I have made and iPad game with loads of images and no problems on cocoonJS. For now I have made the resolution smaller and planning to scale up however I wanted to see if I could a better reason to why this happens with a single image. Thanks all!