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  1. Back, Ok I manage to finish the prologue : I didnt talk enough to the barman at first time, in fact I didnt use the ticket so I thought that was over with him (or I read to quickly, cant remember). As you said the main character could be improved in scaling but movement too (pathfinding and speed). The overall atmosphere is nice, thrilling
  2. Hi (salut !), I've just tested your game, nice to play at first sight I don't know if it's a bug but I try to give my ID card the the old woman in the pub and she dont want it but it disappears from my inventory. I stopped here for now, being blocked and nowhere to go from here (hotel is full ^^) - played just 10 minutes... The CGA palette is great, even I'm mostly a CPC/ST/Amiga nostalgic more than a 90's PC one On the other hand, I liked very much point and click games! Good luck and good work on your game!
  3. Jhice

    [Phaser] RPS

    You're welcome In fact I came here from a Richard's Tweet I saw you're in for LD #31, so good luck and see you there
  4. Jhice

    [Phaser] RPS

    Okaaaaayyyy In fact I did not play enough to see all this in action. So now I've seen the medal for playing all the RPS a big number of times, and after the 10 kills (computer gets the medal because I clicked anywhere - I'm at work so ... ). Perhaps the progression is a bit long to catch the "big picture" of the game, just my opinion after 2 tries PS : I saw you just made the icons invisible ^^
  5. Jhice

    [Phaser] RPS

    Hey, Overall atmosphere is great and the wizards are fun You can feel the tension before each attack and see the wizards deploying their hand is very funny ^^ SFX + music add to this tension! NB : are the faded icons on top-right a bug ?
  6. I like the general feel of the game. Didn't get more than 2 blocks at a time xD (not very good at this kind of games). Reminds me a game on ST/Amiga where you threw blocks at each other and get back another block, 2 player game with split screen, can't remember the name, possibly an arcade port. Perhaps you should polish your graphics a bit more Especially the GUI's. Otherwise the animations and sounds are good. I like the shifted background tiles.