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  1. Finally Lynda.com has made a course on Phaser and I am half way through it, It is well made and it is for Phaser beginners. http://www.lynda.com/Phaser-tutorials/HTML5-Game-Development-Phaser/163641-2.html @lessmilk it would be great it you could add this to the ever growing list of Phaser Tuts.
  2. Adi


    Do you guys know about http://itch.io/ This is a great platform for distributing your games. And that's not just it, if you like Game jams you can take part by submitting your game or host your own. There are so many games there at ITCH.io to enjoy. Some cost a few penny but most are free. So, what do you think?
  3. Hi Guys, I started a new repository at GitHub for explaining Game Physics for newbie game programmers with JavaScript examples. There aren't many example right now but I will add more as I get time. It would be really great if you could contribute some of your physics knowledge. I am no expert in Game Physics and that's why I need some help in making this possible for new GameDevs who are in need of this. As always suggestions are very much appreciated but just stick to the topic "Simple Physics Models". Thanks. http://bit.ly/UDkLD7 is the link to my repository
  4. I am still wondering why The BigShots of book publishing industry have not made a book about phaser yet. There are books on enchant.Js but not on Phaser. I really like this idea and I just wish it is a lot more in-depth about some specific topics of the engine. This was the only thing missing from Discover Phaser book apart from that I really enjoyed it and in fact, it felt like as if a pro writer wrote this book.
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