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  1. Looks nice! Loved the ending on that steam video. xD
  2. Looking forward for this game. Looks amazingly smooth. What kind of framework/engine are you using?
  3. I think I just got quite bored building this and that mine and warehouse etc. Maybe a prebuilt base which you can arrange into your liking by moving structures? Maybe i was just tired and the game requires no changes. :9
  4. A very nice game! I loved the boss fight! A suggestion: randomize where the enemies throw grenades a bit. It'll make more interesting situations.
  5. Thanks All the game art in this picture is made by me. I have some placeholder art elsewhere. The hp bars are just 2 overlaid bars (red and green), where green's x-scale is determined by (currenthealth / maxhealth). EDIT: The fps meter is normal Google Chrome dev tool.
  6. A screenshot of my project. It's quite a big project, I've been working on it for a long time.
  7. How do you actually disable the current draghandler and use a custom method with this instead?
  8. Very nice solution, sanojian. Thanks!
  9. I like your answer, mattstyles. I've been a bit annoyed with that repetition. Might try your way next time. Although I currently often use this, since it allows me to adjust rolls more accurately. chanceRoll(4) means it has 4/100 chance of being true. // ROLL: OBJECT var object = null; while (object === null) { if (game.math.chanceRoll(1)) {object = 'star1'}; if (game.math.chanceRoll(4)) {object = 'star2'}; if (game.math.chanceRoll(1)) {object = 'nebula1'}; if (game.math.chanceRoll(5)) {object = 'anomaly1'}; }
  10. This game looks really nice. Its polished and pleasant. The only problem for me was that I got bored before the tutorial ended. Might wanna make it a bit faster.
  11. I usually make randomized generation like this: // this rolls either value 1, 2 or 3 var roll = game.rnd.integerInRange(1, 3); // make separate if-statements for each value of roll // (i dont know what kind of background item youre using, i use images like this, but add them to display groups) if (roll === 1) {backgroundimage = game.add.image(0, 0, 'image1');}; if (roll === 2) {backgroundimage = game.add.image(0, 0, 'image2');}; if (roll === 3) {backgroundimage = game.add.image(0, 0, 'image3');}; // Its basically just rolling a dice and telling the code what to do depending on the number it rolls
  12. The answer to that is subject to change when phaser 3 comes out. It will no longer use pixi.
  13. Kinda liked the game after a short test, but it was very burdensome to use the items from the inventory. I think the ui needs a lot of work still. Been looking for a game like this, but it seems a bit cumbersome to play. Maybe ill check back someday.