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    WitheringTreant got a reaction from samme in The Phaser 3 Wishlist Thread :)   
    How about game camera zooming in and out functionality?
    Is this possibly going to be added soon?
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    WitheringTreant got a reaction from shohan4556 in [ScreenShoots] Show us a screenshot of what you're working on!   
    A screenshot of my project. It's quite a big project, I've been working on it for a long time.

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    WitheringTreant reacted to feudalwars in Popular streamer reviewed my game! Oh the joy!   
    Phaser, all the way!
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    WitheringTreant reacted to THAiSi in [WIP] [Crafty] SpeedLazer   
    Hi All,
    Half a year ago I started doing game development during my lunch breaks!
    It's a side-scrolling shooter using Crafty.js
    It's still work in progress, and the code (and demo) can be found here: https://github.com/matthijsgroen/game-play
    I also did a presentation about it at work, which can be found here: 
    (at the 10 minute mark the demo begins, which shows the development proces in-game!)
    At the moment I'm still in the process of creating graphics, and deciding which resolution it will become, and pick between Canvas or WebGL.
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    WitheringTreant reacted to stealman in [BETA] Darkenlight   
    Hello friends I have finaly done everything I wanted for playale BETA phase of my MMORPG. I was sharing some information about me and this game in my previsous topic ([WIP] Darkenlight)
    No I have link for all of you to try so I will be pleased if you do so
    Keep in mind that it is MMORPG so you will need to play it for a while to find all its game content. I am looking forward to all your replies.
    Some tips
    1. Using PIXY.js so WebGL highly increase FPS
    2. Tested on PC Chrome/Firefox, IPAD Safari, Galaxy S3 Android Chrome
    3. You can create character and play WITHOUT need to register.
    For more information, read game webpage or forum (you are welcome to register on my forum as well)
    Here is the link ..
    Here is gameplay video

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    WitheringTreant reacted to psychicsoftware in [WIP] Goblins & Grottos   
    Goblins & Grottos is a new collaboration between Psychic Software (from Ireland) and Goblin Portal (from Sweden). We're calling Goblins & Grottos an "inverted RPG". You play as the goblin, trying to escape a series of dungeon levels while a team of callous adventurers lays waste to everything around them. The idea is to turn normal RPGs on their heads, and see everything from the eyes of the poor helpless cannonfodder for once.
    The game is now available on Steam (Early Access):
    G&G is written using HTML5/Javascript packaged into a desktop executable using nodewebkit and with pixijs for pretty efficient WebGL rendering. Nodewebkit gives access to things such as local file reading/writing, which isn't normally possible from a browser. I'm using the matterjs javascript physics engine to move stuff around, but other than that there's no actual game engine to be seen. I have found this suits me well for the 2D games I have been making lately - I can construct my own architecture rather than having to learn someone else's; and the lightweight nature of Javascript suits me.

    Goblin Portal have created a clean pixel style for the game, and Psychic Software are coding the code. Which is just as well, because they can't draw very well. It's working out well under control of a 2D physics engine: we have spent a lot of time getting the core animations and interactions with the environment as good as possible; the goblin runs, jumps and climbs walls, swings from chains as he attempts to escape the numbskull adventurers .. who in turn have no respect for the goblin, seeing him only as a quick kill for 10xp which brings them along the road to their next level and unlocking their next skill.
    The near-term plan for Goblins & Grottos is to make a playable one-level demo, and to engage with players while expanding this into a complete multi-level adventure, starting with the goblin's parents being hacked down by a merciless bunch of greedy adventurers, and ending with an unexpected and heart-wrenching moral dilemma. Or something.

    We're also planning on releasing the map editor as a core part of the game, and on making an on-line repository for player-made levels. There's plenty of creative freedom in the map editor I have been creating, including customising the skills and chat text of the adventurers.

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    WitheringTreant reacted to nkholski in [Phaser / WIP] Robotic Conflict   
    To my great surprise I've actually stayed focused on a game project long enough to produce a playable level. Robotic Conflict is inspired by the NES-version of Gunsmoke (I actually used Gunsmoke sprites as space holders during most of the development). I started working on it with mobiles in mind, thus the portrait orientation. It also ran quite well on my Nexus 5 until sometime half-way through the development when I shifted focus to just make something "finished" regardless of performance. There is a lot of inconsistencies in the source code, known bugs, hard coded hacky solutions, wierd globals and stuff that should really be pooled etcetera. Instead of trying to fix an annoying bug when restarting the game play-state I decided to force the player to reload the page on death or finishing the game. At this moment I'm not sure if this is a WIP-version or if I will just abandon it as it is. 
      Features: Four different enemies. Four types of weapons. Three kinds of power ups. One boss fight. A few minutes game play.
    Try it here: http://dev.niklasberg.se/roboticConflict/

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    WitheringTreant reacted to Filipp_BSG in Fly, Glowfly HD [Steam/Mobile/Web]   
    The story began when my very old game got Greenlit 3 years after submission and I've decided to make a HQ remake.
    «Fly, Glowfly!» is an unusual logic game – a combination of the level editor, arcade game and labyrinth. Your goal is to help Glowfly to collect all bonuses on the level and reach the finish by placing different blocks on its way. In the beginning this game will resemble some puzzle, but next levels are almost hardcore - you need good reaction to win! Lots of different mechanisms, work of which is required for completing levels, makes the game addictive, different and sometimes even hardcore!
    Right now there are demos for Windows, Android and WebGL (the last one is not optimizet for mobiles yet!):

    Any feedback is highly apperciated
    P.S.: Although this is HTML5 games forum and I have HTML5 fully functional (beside some GFX) demo, for best experience check out Windows one.
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    WitheringTreant reacted to Batzi in [ScreenShoots] Show us a screenshot of what you're working on!   
    I am using assets from a different game that was never released but the actual game will look prettier than this

    when zoomed in

    fully zoomed out

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    WitheringTreant reacted to drhayes in [ScreenShoots] Show us a screenshot of what you're working on!   
    Screenshot from The Big Game:

    Pixel art metroidvania that's gonna take me a long time to finish. Needs a better title, too. ( =
    EDIT: w00t, 600th post!
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    WitheringTreant reacted to Cirno in [ScreenShoots] Show us a screenshot of what you're working on!   
    80% my touhou fangame

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    WitheringTreant reacted to rgk in [ScreenShoots] Show us a screenshot of what you're working on!   
    I've been working on a game called AerialDrop, its online and stuff but here is some basic gameplay in sandbox mode.

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    WitheringTreant got a reaction from WombatTurkey in [ScreenShoots] Show us a screenshot of what you're working on!   
    Thanks All the game art in this picture is made by me. I have some placeholder art elsewhere.
    The hp bars are just 2 overlaid bars (red and green), where green's x-scale is determined by (currenthealth / maxhealth).
    EDIT: The fps meter is normal Google Chrome dev tool.
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    WitheringTreant got a reaction from webcaetano in [ScreenShoots] Show us a screenshot of what you're working on!   
    A screenshot of my project. It's quite a big project, I've been working on it for a long time.

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    WitheringTreant got a reaction from drhayes in [ScreenShoots] Show us a screenshot of what you're working on!   
    A screenshot of my project. It's quite a big project, I've been working on it for a long time.

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    WitheringTreant got a reaction from jw405 in Randomly Generated Background   
    I usually make randomized generation like this:
    // this rolls either value 1, 2 or 3
    var roll = game.rnd.integerInRange(1, 3);
    // make separate if-statements for each value of roll
    // (i dont know what kind of background item youre using, i use images like this, but add them to display groups)
    if (roll === 1) {backgroundimage =  game.add.image(0, 0, 'image1');};
    if (roll === 2) {backgroundimage =  game.add.image(0, 0, 'image2');};
    if (roll === 3) {backgroundimage =  game.add.image(0, 0, 'image3');};
    // Its basically just rolling a dice and telling the code what to do depending on the number it rolls
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    WitheringTreant reacted to georgejfrick in Scrollbar   
    I know this is old, but I want to reply to a few of these because I know people are searching. I'm hoping to get an example into the examples area...
    You want to create a container sprite, not a group.
    var containerSprite = game.add.sprite( 0, 0 );var scrollMask = game.add.graphics(0, 0);scrollMask.beginFill(0xffffff);scrollMask.drawRect( yourX, yourY, maskWidth, maskHeight );scrollMask.endFill();containerSprite.mask = scrollMask;// Add your sprites and text to the containerSprite using addChild// You can move the mask, move the container sprite, and move the sprites within the container. From there, you just need a scrolling control.
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    WitheringTreant reacted to Fricken Hamster in Calculate fastest side to rotate   
    function lerp_dir( cur_dir:Number , tar_dir:Number , inc:Number){ if ( Math.abs( tar_dir - cur_dir) <= inc or Math.abs( tar_dir - cur_dir) >= (360 - inc)) { cur_dir = tar_dir; } else { if ( Math.abs( tar_dir - cur_dir) > 180) { if (tar_dir < cur_dir) { tar_dir += 360; } else { tar_dir -= 360; } } if ( tar_dir > cur_dir) { cur_dir += inc; } else { if ( tar_dir < cur_dir) { cur_dir -= inc; } } } return cur_dir;} This was what I used a long time ago. Can't guarantee anything.
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    WitheringTreant got a reaction from enriqueto in The Phaser 3 Wishlist Thread :)   
    How about game camera zooming in and out functionality?
    Is this possibly going to be added soon?
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    WitheringTreant got a reaction from lewster32 in End the game after 5 seconds of inactivity   
    How about something like
    var inactivity_time = 5000;
    when player control button is pressed:
    inactivity_time = this.game.time.now + 5000;
    In the update loop, you check for:
    if (inactivity_time < this.game.time.now) {end game}