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  1. I know I promised to stay away for a bit but I am back. What I noticed is this appears related to the initial loading somehow. If I click into the game, get the static logo, then hit 'Q' to exit I get the menu with everything in place as expected. From that point on everything works great including the bouncing logo. I can hit q and go back and forth as many times as I want and everything works.
  2. tiggus

    typescript defs

    Any word on when typescript defs will be available for Phaser 3? Want to kick off a new project in v3 but waiting on that, thanks!
  3. This is pretty relevant I think, I just accepted a job which will require me to code lots of tooling and while I've used lots of other languages I always avoided JS, but I think the time has finally come for me to just really learn it. So even though I've used Unity and C# for years I'm pursuing my next project in Phaser and JS to hopefully "ease me" into it, can't wait!