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  1. Well, very much thanks to you, guys. Your feedback is very useful. The game was definitely hard, so we will fix it P.S. forgot to mention what clicking on top of screen skips level (this debug cheat may conflict with mute button)
  2. Hello html5gamedevs community! I, the designer, and my friend, the programmer, had the first experience creating html5 game. The game is complete at 95% and availible here: [Not availible now] We would like to get your feedback about performance, gameplay and controls. Thanks.
  3. Hello! I have finished the html5 game. Where can I find a list of sponsors to contact them? Thank you!
  4. NORD

    Extending a Group

    Hi! How do I make multiple levels of extending of Phaser.Group? I need: BasicObject extending Phaser.Group, Hero extending BasicObject. When i do this, i have a error: TypeError: a.setStageReference is not a function phaser.min.js:3 TypeError: this.children[a].preUpdate is not a function phaser.min.js:7Thank you!function create(){ hero = new Hero(game); hero.init(,, 0);}//====================================================================================//Hero.prototype = Object.create(BasicObject.prototype);function Hero(game){, game); console.log("Hero Created!");}Hero.prototype.init = function(posX, posY, rot){ this.sprite = new Phaser.Sprite(game, 'hero', 0, 0, 3);, posX, posY, rot);}//====================================================================================//BasicObject.prototype = Object.create(Phaser.Group.prototype);function BasicObject(game){ console.log("BasicObject Created!");, game); this.container = null; this.sprite = null; this.timer = 100;}BasicObject.prototype.init = function(posX, posY, rot){ if(this.sprite != null) this.add(this.sprite); this.x = posX; this.y = posY; this.angle = rot;}