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  1. Hi, try with a bouble back slash, as escape character. Bye
  2. SHMUP Space Opera Prototype SHMUP Space Opera Prototype Play it This prototype is a "SHMUP". The goal is to survive as long as possible. It's a merge of the "Gamepad plugin" (https://github.com/ShawnHymel/phaser-plugin-virtual-gamepad) and "Bulletpool" (https://github.com/photonstorm/phaser-coding-tips/tree/master/issue-007). Fill the weapon bar collecting all stars. When filled, click on the X button to change weapon. It's an endless game that end when the player die. You can use my script as you want, they are free. If you use this prototype for co
  3. Sorry, I've forgotten to specify that is designed for mobile. The game pad is a phaser plug-in, under MIT license, I've found on github: https://github.com/ShawnHymel/phaser-plugin-virtual-gamepad
  4. Hi, yes it's mobile, but you can customize it adding the keyboard events or an external joystick for desktop . The game pad I've used manage only the movement on the x and/or y axys, the fire button use a function.
  5. 3rd Person Rail Shooter (play it) 3rd Person Rail Shooter prototype This prototype is a "3rd Person Rail Shooter". The goal is to survive as long as possible. The 3D effect, obviously, is fake. It's an endless game that end when the player die. You can use my script as you want, they are free. If you use this prototype for commercial purpose, please, change the graphic/music/fx assets I've used (these are Opengameart's assets (opengameart.org), for the credits see the Prototypes HUB section). I hope there
  6. Cards, tabletop, RPG prototype https://www.magratheaworks.net/cards-and-strategic/index.html This prototype is a tabletop game with cards elements and some features of the RPG's world (you can play the desktop or the mobile version). The goal is to collect all coins, using your avatars (you can move them, only one for each turn, using the arrows close to them (desktop version) or these at the bottom of the screen (mobile version)). You can play it with your friends (max three players, one for each avatar). The game end when all avatars are dead or all the coins hav
  7. Cards and action prototypeYou have to tap on the screen (or move the mouse on the game area) and all your minions (small green octopus) will try to join the selected point.The goal is to protect the monoliths at the bottom of the game area.The game end when all minions are dead or all the monoliths have been destroyed.The enemies are rocks, missiles (need more collisions to be destroyed), the alien mothership (the minion that destroy it, also die)There are some random cards at the bottom of the game area, with differents effects when used (click or tap on them): more minions, multiple bullet t
  8. This prototype has a ship selector. Each scheme is random. The goal is to fill the blue bar by killing the mothership. When our ship collide with enemies we loose energy (red bar). You have to tap on the screen (or click with the mouse on the game area) and the ship will try to join the selected point (till you maintain active the area with the mouse or your finger) shooting in the same direction. The enemies, when killed, release some stuff to recover the energy. To create a new level you only need to fullfill the transparency of the file Grigliato_20x20_V2.xcf with black blocks (the gam
  9. I've just released a free to use complete game prototype made with Phaser 2. This prototype has a world selector, each world is divided by a level grid. Each world it’s simple to customize, you need only to change the bi-dimensional array at the top of the script (using a simple legenda that show you what you can put in this array). The goal of the game is defined in the first level of each world: you have to tap the screen or click the left button of the mouse, to stop the rotation of your avatar and make him run to your preferred direction. Your avatar must collect the boxes shown o
  10. Hello everyone, another prototype is freely available on my website. Drag the ball and throw it like a catapult against the enemies. Protect the boxes at the bottom of the screen. Survive as long as possible. Here the link: http://www.magratheaworks.net/prototypes/indexPrototypeWorld10.html
  11. Hi, a new module is available: the "creepy dungeon" module. It's a simple collection of creepy effects: local light and dark enviroment with (the light can be turned on when you attack the energy stations), with a bright area around the player continous flashes on your avatar (~5 sec.) different spritesheets on dark/light for the enviroment splashing blood when you walk on it Here the link and some images: www.magratheaworks.net/RPG/creepy_dungeon/index.html
  12. Hi, I've made something similar in a prototype: http://www.magratheaworks.net/prototypes/indexPrototypeWorld2.html maybe this could help you (sorry for my "spaghetti code"). P.S. I've started this prototype following the instructions in this post: bye, Alex
  13. Hello everyone, another prototype is freely available on my website. It's a simple two player hockey prototype. Drag your avatar (when the arrows are of the same colour of your disc) and throw it like a catapult. Make a goal inside the field of your opponent. http://www.magratheaworks.net/prototypes/indexPrototypeWorld9.html
  14. Hello everyone, starting from Phaser's examples, on Xmas holidays I've developed some prototypes (available on my website: https://www.magratheaworks.net/ ). The used graphic come from opengameart an openclipart websites (no music inside.... sorry), if you'll use my scripts, please, change the graphic or use the citation policy. Inside my website there are the related credits for the graphic. All prototypes are available on the following link (I've add also a small image for each one): http://www.magratheaworks.net/prototypes/indexPrototypeWorld8.html http://www
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