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  1. Thanks again! I marked the issue as solved for the time being:) Probably, later I'll try to develop that idea..
  2. Thank you, lewster32. You are right, I am using scaling ( Have you any ideas how to walk the problem around? So far, I listened to the scale (say, S) change on update, and proportionally updated GUI group scale (1/S). But such a solution looks clumsy.
  3. A couple of our powered-by-Phaser games, please:)
  4. To be honest, I haven't read the 1st and the 2nd books on Phaser yet and I am not going to, but 6 and 7 look rather interesting to me.
  5. Hi everyone! I have the following problem. I have several groups in my game: backgrounds, foregrounds, game objects, etc.. One of those groups is GUI group. When the camera is zooming all the groups are zooming too. Is there a way not to zoom this specific (GUI) group on camera zooming? I tried to set fixedToCamera property, but it doesn't seem to consider zooming. Thanks!
  6. One more, last but not least, my wish is to add some global messaging system, e.g.: To have a "global" alternative to the "local" Signals is extremely useful, so now I often add a mediator as a Game instance's member on startup: game.mediator = new Mediator();Unfortunately, the Mediator above has glitches, and, as not a part of the Phaser, it looks a little alien. Maybe something similar is already exist as a plugin or something (I'm not sure..)
  7. 1. world-to-screen space transformations.2. camera smooth following and motion.3. anchor and/or better align for BitmapFont.4. Canvas-based effects (not WebGL-only!), such as glow, blur, etc., if possible.5. Box2D-physics.6. Circle bboxes for the Arcade physics.7. To solve issues with negative scale values for sprites.8. Easy import tweens from Flash.And: +1000
  8. lewster32, thank you, helped me a lot!!
  9. Good day to all! I have a question on Phaser's world-to-screen transformations, and I've googled almost nothing on it Is there a way to transform a sprite's world coordinates into the screen space (and visa versa)? It is a very useful feature and I can't beleave nobody still interested in it! I found poor documented Sprite.worldTransform.tx, Sprite.worldTransform.ty,but I'm not sure these fields always work properly (to be honest, I am sure they don't). Thank you!