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  1. Arcade physics, and Phaser Internals. Those two books would really help me understand what is going on, which would help me to debug my games. I'll be buying the scale manager book also. None of the others really appeal to me. I feel like I can understand the other subjects just by reading the documentation.
  2. I'm really not happy with the way it went. Things that should have been very simple indeed seemed to take for ever. There are bugs that beak them game still in it, but I've decided to just leave it as it is. The logic should be really simple so I don't know what's giving me the trouble. Oh the graphics are crap too. I do actually quite like the game idea though. I think it has potential. It contains the F word so if that offends you don't click. http://www.dreamofsleeping.co.uk/games/alpha/wasdtheheck/
  3. Thank you very much for replying. I'm actually starting to really depressed about this, so I might just not finish this time. I wish I'd used create js now. That thread was useful thank you. If I do continue in the morning will just have to write my own functions to test collision. I can't possibly understand why the sprite. intersect method always returns true.
  4. Now I'm trying the sprite.intersect method instead. It's always coming back true. I'm even printing out the x and y values right afterwards and they are on opposite ends of the screen, yet it still comes back true.
  5. If I don't figure out how to do this. I don't think I will be able to finish. This will be the first time I've failed at a game jam. Please, can anybody help?
  6. But surely there are times when you need to move something. What if a character teleported? What if you needed to make sure he didn't teleport into anything?
  7. I'm updating the sprite.x then checking for collisions, but when I check the body.x after altering sprite.x it just says 0. I'm trying to work out a good position for pickups so I place the pickup somewhere then I check for collisions and if it hits something I move it.
  8. I'm having all sorts of weird issues with collision. Do I set the sprite.x and sprite.y when I need to position it? Because setting the sprite.body.x often doesn't seem to work. If I alter the sprite.x and the move the body.x do I take into consideration the anchor being centered in the sprite? Do I set the body.x - the sprites half width?
  9. I've seen that tank example on the examples page. I'll just do it that way for now.
  10. Hello. Sorry for even posting this thread. It's a combination of not a lot of time, and that I'm incredibly rusty. More fear of not finishing then lazyness! Basically my game is very simple. It's top down. So no gravity. I want the player and other sprites to be able to more up down left or right, and i need to know whether they hit each other. There will not be many sprites on screen at a time. I'm thinking at max 10. Also I've never used a fixed game loop before. If I am to update the sprites movement myself, is it safe to just pick a number and add it onto the direction? Or will the sp
  11. I replace the word namespace with the actual name of the game, just in case anyone is wondering what the heck i'm dong. lol
  12. The old version without the flicking was 2.0. The one with the flicking is 2.0.7. Here is the code. This is just a template I made to make starting new projects easier and the very start of my new game. Most of it is just about creating a loading bar and then loading the play scene. I'm about to go to bed or I would have spent some time cutting this down to the bare minimum. I'll do that tomorrow if this is too much code. Edit: It works fine on canvas mode. namespace = { }namespace.loadGame = function() { namespace.game = new Phaser.Game(800, 600, Phaser.AUTO, ''); namespace.g
  13. I've downloaded phaser the other day and it's flicking in firefox. Loads of little white spots. When I replaced it with an older version of phaser that I used on my last game, (still version 2 something) there was no flickering. The only code is just basic set up. Nothing special. Is this a known issue? I couldn't find anything by searching. This is a new computer. The only browsers I've downloaded are firefox and chrome. No problems with chrome so far.
  14. I was playing this yesterday. I was hooked straight away. Love this kind of thing. One thing I noticed was that if you are playing with the spacebar you can hold it down to rapidly jump. This came in useful for one of the levels where there were 3 spikes in quick succession. However holding the mouse down will make you only jump once. I found it impossible to jump over the 3 spikes with the mouse but easy with the spacebar. I wasn't sure if not having rapid fire controls with the mouse was the oversite or whether having it on the spacebar was unintentional. Anyway, great game.
  15. I liked the game. It's good fun. I don't like how the retry button takes me back the start screen rather than just starting another game.
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