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  1. Hi folks, I was wondering are there any really polished and smooth mobiles games built with phaser? Cuz I see people having hard time dealing with phaser and mobile devices. Anyone maybe can share their experience building for mobile?
  2. Hi, I would be interested in joining you guys I am front-end developer, but I never worked with games.
  3. Guys help me to find a game I don't remember it's title. It is browser based mmo, where players build game world themselves, view is from the top. It's kind a old game and author is planning to release version 2. Anyone knows the title?
  4. What pc you need to have to run your game? Cuz your game have very big lags on my machine*. * WIndows 8.1 Latest chrome Intel Core i5 8GB ram Geforce GT635M
  5. Did you draw graphics yourself?
  6. Does it support isometric game creation, tiled map isometric exports?
  7. Awsome it is working with netbeans SUPER! Thank you Kobaltic
  8. That's nice i will give it a try. Do i need all those Phaser 'src' folders, cannot it autocomplete only from unminified Phaser.js?
  9. Guess i will have to install st2. I have st3+SublimeCodeIntel but it isnt working.
  10. Has someone succsuccessfully managed to install phaser autocomplete in sublime 3 ?
  11. Hello, I am using netbeans and the question is: is it possible to make netbeans autocomplete work with Phaser library?
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