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  1. This is my first Phaser game: http://portalrun.azurewebsites.net/. Thanks to Phaser for the main character asset. Any feedback/suggestions is appreciated!
  2. Pedro, I looked at that sample and tried adding scale.hasResized.add(...) along with the function to the desktop mode but it doesn't work. It only fired the first time I run the game, but any subsequent window resize did nothing. I would like to have the game always be fully stretched to the entire browser window (up to some minimum/maximum size) whenever user resizes the window. Is that possible?
  3. Sorry if this has been asked many times. I looked through a few threads but couldn't get it working. I'm just trying to make my game resize as user resizes window or if the orientation is switched (on phone). I tried hooking into $(window).resize but it kept complaning that 'game' is undefined. I'm using TypeScript for my game. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
  4. jounii could you elaborate how you hooked up the resizing code with TypeScript? I'm wanting to make my game responsive to window resize as well but can't get it to work properly. Where did you place your resizing code and how are you calling it from the $(window).resize?
  5. Hmm.. So I just saw this example that uses texture atlas for tiling. It's exactly just like my code but it works. I even downloaded the .png and .json to try with my project, it loaded the octopus and tiled correctly. I'm beginning to think that there's something wrong with my .png. I downloaded it from opengameart and manually created a json file for it. The json should be ok though as I can load a normal sprite without errors.
  6. thanks Rich, it seems you are right about tilesprite and texture atlas. I removed my code and used only sprite and it worked. in case others like me who are new to game dev, would you mind elaborating why it doesn't work?
  7. if there isn't any, what about one with working audio on WP8?
  8. Has this issue been fixed in phaser v2.0.5? I'm running into this on my desktop Chrome browser using texture atlas. in IE 11 it works fine. [update]: I think this may not be a power of 2 issue. I tried just cropping the [32,32] region of my atlas at [0,0] but still getting the error.
  9. Is there any example game that has been tested and runs correctly on Windows Phone 8? I just tried browsing many games including all those listed at the bottom of the phaser.io home page and some from pgl.ilinov.eu site but none of them seemed to behave well. The "nicest" game I found was the ConnectMe sample but which is lacking sound, the audio is not working there. All other games have some scaling problems, some of them only showed half of the screens... The audio problem seems to be consistent in my experience with Phaser on WP8. IE10 mobile should support mp3 and I verified it. However none of my games have audio working, they all work on desktop browsers. I hope there is some game working that I missed. Any help is greatly appreciated!
  10. I have the same issue but when tried the workaround above it doesn't scale my image at all. Instead it shows up original size so I get a small image in the middle. I'm using v2.0.5, anybody else has this issue?
  11. I just tested this on my WP8 device and some of the example games do not have sound working (e.g. ConnectMe from the home page of Phaser). I also followed the FlappyBird tutorial which uses .wav files for audio but on my phone there's still no sound. Everything works just fine on desktop however. Is there any way around this to get working music?