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  1. Thanks lewster I was building my code up from the helloworld.html. What is the advantage of using states the tutoiral doesnt seem to use them? Also any comments on having the mouse position calling the tween when it approaches the boarder of the game world?
  2. Hi Guys Debugging in HTML5 is much tougher than traditional programming. I tried out the code and it is not working for me. In looking at the console window everything seems to be fine with no errors but the showMenu is not firing at all. I did notice some differences between my code and what was posted. I do not have commas following the closing brace for the functions. also the order of the keyword function and the function name is different. The issue was using the this object on the callback function. I am not sure why removing it allowed it to work. function create () { var background = game.add.sprite(0,0, 'bg_image'); basicMenu =; var button1 = game.add.sprite(,100, 'button'); button1.scale.setTo(.5,.5); var button2 = game.add.sprite(,210,'button'); button2.scale.setTo(.5,.5); var button3 = game.add.sprite(,320,'button'); button3.scale.setTo(.5,.5); basicMenu.add(button1); basicMenu.add(button2); basicMenu.add(button3); basicMenu.y = -500; this.menuButton1 =,100,'button',showMenu,this,0,0,1); // basicMenu.add(button1); // basicMenu.add(button2); // basicMenu.add(button3); } function showMenu () { // brings menuGroup into view game.add.tween(basicMenu).to({y:0}, 2000, Phaser.Easing.Back.Out, true); }after that removal i got the jist. Now what I wanna try to have the tween fire if the mouse pointer gets close to the edge of the game world, is there an eventhandler to accomplish that?
  3. Thanks for the reply!!! now when you say create the menu, I want the flyout to have its own buttons and text and move as one unit. Is that a sprite grouping? I ask because my menu will not be a single image but buttons with their own methods and such. Just looking for some clarification before I get started. Sharp
  4. Anyone try this... I wanted to have a menu shoot out after a button press not sure how to go about this. My first guess would be to draw the full menu and then have it scroll on to the screen though I am not sure how to hide part of it. Let me know if you have any ideas?
  5. I am leaning toward tweening because of the example but I am a bit concerned about loading a bunch of images to fade in and out with. So I want a number to glow 5 different colors so I would need the base number and five glowing images. Since I will not know the set up ahead of time I would need a set for 0-9 and a few letters. That seems cumbersome. I am at a loss for the best way to approach. What is the guideline for the amount of stuff you preload
  6. What is the best practice if I wanted a number or letter to have a pulsing glow animation? I was planning on making a text object that would have methods to glow different colors. I was hoping tow tween between two images to get a nice effect but I am not sure if that would be possible. Anyone try this out or something similar? SSharp
  7. Thanks for the link! That example is great for once I have button images. But I am looking for actually drawing out the png files. Does anyone have any good tutorials? What do people use usually when creating their sprites?
  8. Anyone have any good references for making button images? I am going to be using phaser for my coding and I noticed I will need to draw the sprites in some other program. Thanks in advance.
  9. Hi All, I did not see an introduction thread so I figured I would start one. If i am wrong move the thread. I have been a gamer for many of years starting with the Commodore 64 and the game Tink Tonk in Robot Land. Obviously I have grown and gaming has changed quite a bit since then, my love of video games has never faded at the displeasure of my wife. Anyways I used to teach math in the middle school and was blown away at the deficiencies and we have all seen how domestically, performance in the S.T.E.M. fields have lagged other nations. The answer is simple, more practice, but implementing a solution that will encourage engagement is tough. I wanted to create a means of practicing skills, that does not pervert the essence of the task, say algebra, but making it more enjoyable by infusing gaming elements. Ideally, the app would be such that one would not mind spending an appreciable amount of time and gain mastery, and the experience similar to reality so the skill could be applied to other settings. Rather than edutainment I want educatient, more emphasis on the education. So that is my first project, and of course I have some gaming ideas too.... I am very much a novice, engineer by trade but no real coding experience in a web environment. I am going to be blogging my experiences on and hopefully inspire people who know next to nothing about game development that you can create polished products with opensource/low budget tools. I look forward to working with and learning from you all. I just got my coding environment set up and away we go!!!