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  1. Awesome, that helps a ton! Thanks!
  2. Is there a Phaser function, or example, on how to create an infinite world? I am new to Phaser and I'm recreating a Doodle Jump style game to learn this engine. I want to create a never-ending world so the sprite will continue to go 'up' into the world whilst jumping. I would appreciate any help, thank you.
  3. Oh, my bad, your first example worked great! Thank you! I need help implementing the code to get input from the accelerometer or gyro to move a sprite. Could you help me with that?
  4. Thank you. I was wondering if you knew (and perhaps could show me), exactly how to implement this in the code using Phaser?
  5. Hello! I am new to Phaser and so far are loving this engine. To learn how to develop with the engine I decided to try to recreate a Doodle Jump style game and have come across two questions: The first one: is it possible to disable certain types of collisions but not others? By this I mean, if you recall Doodle Jump, when the sprite touches the bottom of one of the platforms it doesn't interact with it, but when it lands on top of one, then the sprite jumps, so it continues to go up the map. I cannot figure out how to do this. I know that with Phaser I can detect certain types of collisions by using 'touching.down' and 'touching.up', but what i have tried hasn't worked. My second questions is: I want to use the gyro or accelerometer to make the sprite move. I was wondering if someone could point or show me a very simple example of taking information from these sensors to make a sprite move. Thank you.