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  1. Kinda, the client just rediscovered and "relaunched" it 2 weeks ago but at this point it already crossed 100.000 sign ups. I was totally surprised and first thought it was a bug in our stats tool because suddenly 1-2000 people signed up each day but the database as well as Google and fB Analytics confirmed that they were legit users. I'm still unsure why it suddenly become somehow "viral". One big source of new sign ups was the facebook games center,, although the game entry has been there since the beginnning and as far as I can tell it has never been featured. But from there on it took off. Right now next to Austria it is very popular in Turkey, Egypt, Brazil, Romania, France and India. I like it.
  2. More than one year later I would like to give you a short update about the performance of my train safety game YOLO Train, renamed to Safety Train a few weeks ago by my former employer. I'm currently founding my own company, nevertheless I think this might be of interest for some of youl So far the game has reached over 125.000 registered players (only 2000 through ads at the start of the campaign in September 2014, the rest organically). It had a moderate start and was virtually dead after the 6 weeks long competition period. In June 2015 players from all over the world started to discover and play YOLO Train. Since than growth is incredible. 25.000 new players just in the last 2 weeks without any ads. So far we have players from 185 countries in the world, although the game is only in german and was targeted towards Austrian teenagers. Since the beginning the game engine has been upgraded from 2.1 -> 2.4. Mobile performance is still subpar, because the textures are too large in dimensions for WebGL. But there was no budget left for optimizations and also no interest from the client to fix it either. So do yourself a favour and play it with a desktop browser. Last but not least a new night mode(starting each day at 8pm CET) was added 2 weeks ago. It looks great. You should give it a try. Greetings, Mauti
  3. Hi, today I would like to present my 3rd Phaser Game: #MoneyTree - Das Kletterduell: Inspired by Timberman I created a social game for o2 where you climb up a tree vs other players. On the way up you can collect real prices like Sony hardware, data packs or free Watchever abos. To make it a bit easier you can use different powerups like a gigantic bird. If friends start to play with you you gain a superman cape for one run that works like 1 extra life. We just went fully online on thursday and already broke 1.000.000 pageviews per day and so far over 1.000.000 matches have been played :-) To play you can just try out the "Demo" from the login screen. To win prices you need to live in Germany and signup with facebook or email. Just try it out. I spent a lot time on the scaling settings. For mobile and smaller than < 984px resolutions the tree zooms out so you have enough view ahead. The game also tries to extend the tree view as much as possible. However once you have started you can only shrink the screen to avoid strange side effects. The scaling also tries to keep the original ratio you started with. Since good players can go beyond 1000metres I also had to implement a good garbage collection and dynamic pretreebuilder. The game itself only uses physics for the fps independent timer otherwise the tree trunks are set manually or if you use a powerup they are tweened. I hope you enjoy it, Clemens
  4. Hi BdR, yes the game is part of bigger ÖBB, our national train service, campaign that includes posters about the game in every board bistro and some train stations. It also gets promoted in a safety highschool tour throughout the next weeks. There are some teaser links on the main website of the ÖBB. Beside that we don't have any ad budget. So far their previous attempts tried to the parental way with saying you aren't allowed, it's to dangerous,... However the impact was quite limited so my idea was to make a fun but still somehow educational social runner, where you at least talk how and where you died. We are using facebook, because It's the most convenient way to login, play together with your friends and also become viral. Of course some people are concerned about their data, that's the reason that we explain the usage of your data in the terms of use and an additional overlay if you cancel the facebook permission. So far between 88-90% give us the required permissions and also most of our target group, teens from 12 - 22, have an fb account. However as explained above if you have questions about what happens with your data, just ask. We don't get anything you can't see public on Even more with the new 2.0+ API your fb id gets hashed per app. Have a nice day, Mauti
  5. Hi rich, no there is no possibility to login without facebook, at least as long as facebook doesn't introduce the new anonymous login feature for every facebook developer. However the data will only be collected to save your game progress and trade powerups. Otherwise the data will be completely deleted when the campaign ends. We only save your name, locale setting and app based facebook id. Otherwise no data will be collected and no data will be shared with other companies. Thanks for the hint. Unfortunately I don't use an atlas yet although I should for performance and loading reasons. At the beginning I didn't care because I had to learn Phaser and in the end there was no budget left to change everything using a texture atlas. So maybe with the next update I'll can add it. Regards, Mauti
  6. Hi guys, this is my first(although not first that launched) Phaser project which just launched last week. The pure Phaser development time including getting started with the framework, was about 34 days. YOLO Train,, is a serious game about the dangers you experience on train stations and tracks. The background behind the game ist that every year dozens of Austrian's teenager die on train stations and tracks due carelessness or stupid dares. The game doesn't try to stop the player from doing wrong things, instead the player can run wherever he wants and experience the consequences. Technically YOLO Train is an endless runner. It uses a set of predefined scenes that are placed behind each other randomly based on a scene tree. The object placements of dead players you can resurrect, powerups,goodies and some obstacles are placed depending on your rank, level progress and experience. For the dead sequence it uses the grayscale filter otherwise Canvas and WebGL versions are identical. You are required to login with facebook. Known bugs: on firefox the custom font gets cut off at the top and text placement is off. On Safari in Canvas the tiled graphic of the top down waggon gets mixed up, while in WebGL and other Chrome or Firefox everything seems alright. Safari desktop performance is much worse than Chrome and Firefox in both Canvas and WebGL. Even the perfomance seems to be better in iOS 7 Safari. Last but not least on Safari Desktop the graphic placements show often a 1px break between sprites. The game was released for mobile and desktop. Enjoy, any feedback is welcome! Greetings from Vienna, Mauti
  7. Hi guys, I have a strange issue with 2.0.7 and still also in 2.1.1. In Firefox the text gets cut off at the top, while Chrome, Safari and even IE don't have any issues with it. I have attached 2 screenshots one from firefox and one from chrome for comparison. The code is straight forward: //txt Score txtScore = game.add.text(15,,0); txtScore.font = 'Oswald'; txtScore.fontSize = 30; txtScore.fill = "#FFF"; txtScore.align = "right"; txtScore.fixedToCamera = true;You can even check out the game at (facebook login required, online is still Phaser 2.0.7) Do you have any clue why this is happening? As far as I can see it has something to do with the font, because when I switch to e.g. Verdana everything is fine. It seems the font is aktually larger than 30!?. However any idea how to fix that? Thank you and regards, Clemens
  8. Hi oddskill, that was just a typo. However I fixed the problem. The issue was that in one class I copied the Google Webfont Example from the page which of course makes an cross domain access and so crashed IE9... I totally forgot about that and assumed it safe being an official example. Always check twice ;-) Thanks anyway.
  9. UPDATE ON HOLD I FORGOT TO CHANGE THE PRELOADING PICTURE IN ANOTHER FILE. -> Another test run. But it seems I can't delete posts!? Hi guys, I have a huge problem with IE9 while I try to preload local files. Unfortunately I have only the minified error messages due our test setup. phaser.min.js, Zeile 15 Zeichen"GET",b,!0),this._xhr.response...I already tried to changed the preloading links from relative to absolute with no success, see my two tries below. The facejob function just generates the correct asset path to our Symfony web folder, so don't worry about that. The path is relative in the first and absolute in the second example. game.load.image('pause', facejob.getWebPath()+''bundles/sparrunner/assets/pause.png');game.load.image('pause', "//"'bundles/sparrunner/assets/pause.png');Any ideas how to work around this issue!? Thank you very much, Clemens
  10. Ahh I see, now that worked. Thank you. I still get some errors when I start a blank project. [Error] Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 500 (Internal Server Error) (prefab, line 0)[Error] path ./app/game/assets/prefabs not found(anonyme Funktion) (controller_header.js, line 174) But I think they may go away as soon as I have created some prefabs within the editor. Loading and modifying your example works fine. Thanks for the support.
  11. Hi, first awesome work and thanks for sharing your editor! It seems the right tool for my current projects, but unfortunately I can't get the editor to run properly. I put your repository into my MAMP working directory. The files are in: http://saga.local:8888/LREditor/ and I can access the editor under: http://saga.local:8888/LREditor/app/editor/#/home node.js is installed properly. After running your node bin/www command and then start the editor I get the following 404 errors: GET http://saga.local:8888/shared/js/dev/lr.js 404 (Not Found) saga.local/:29GET http://saga.local:8888/editor/js/dev/editor.js 404 (Not Found) GET http://saga.local:8888/LREditor/app/shared/js/lib/angular-route.js 404 (Not Found) To fix the first to 404s: I changed the LREditor/app/editor/index.html and added "../" to line 29 and 32. The angular error was caused because only the minified version was included in the lib folder. Now when I reload the editor the grid appears and I'm only left with a node error: GET http://saga.local:8888/editorserverapi/v0/project?name=project.json&path=/game2 404 (Not Found) angular.js:8165 If I change the editorserverapi route everywhere in your scripts I still have the problem that there is no v0/ directory. So here I need your help because I also need the files included in this directory. Thank you.
  12. Hi guys, how do you place items(sprites) randomly on your world and ensure that they don't overlap with other already excisting items? Do you check every item or are there functions from the physic engines that support you with that? If there are no built in functions I would do it the following way: 1.) create random placement of sprite 2.) check newly placed items against all excisting items in the world 2.1) No overlapping -> GREAT finish! 2.2) If it overlaps repeat step 1. (abort after X cycles to avoid endless loop and performance spikes if you place them while the game runs) If you do it like this: is there are a global phaser list where I can loop through: a.) all excisting sprites b.) all visible sprites ??? Any other ideas and strategies to place items randomly? Thanks and greetings from a sunny Vienna, Clemens
  13. I'm also interested in this. Thanks for bringing this topic up.
  14. Awesome thank you guys. That helped a lot.
  15. Hi Lewster, thanks. Indeed I found the objects in It seems the z index doesn't have any influence on the renderer. I have to reorder the children array to affect visibility (highest index == highest z-index). That's really odd, and I didn't expect that kind of behaviour. For which purpose is the z-index used!? Regards, Clemens