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  1. How to make money with simple "multiplayer html5 games"? for example chess.
  2. same here. I never could earn anything good from multiplayer games. except learn more and more. however, I only worked on html5 board games. (you know? make circles, checkers, etc are easy for non-artist guys :D) If a day I catch a close artist friend, I might make better multiplayer games and earn something :/ but anyway developing multiplayer games is fun! don't? i mean when your server crashes, and lots of users keep see "Connection problem", connenction broked, some of them swearing and cursing to you, some other laughing to you, others makes fun of you, lol i noticed these 1000
  3. Hi again. two years since my previous post, just wanted to say i updated this html5 chess visit https://RiskyGear.com/chess with your smart phone web-browser, select new version.
  4. i gonna start add asynchronous play to my synchronous chess (http://riskygear.com/p2/game_1/play_game.php?id=2&connectivity_check=2) in this weekend! i'll post it here whenever i finished it. i thinks chess is good for first asynchronous try .
  5. i wish i don't get anymore runtime error with IE11+
  6. i admit this is the first time i heard about asynchronous games. i played them before, but i didn't knew they called asynchronous! i blame myself as i did not developed any asynchronous till now. after your post austin, i made a little search on google, and i figured out how terrific are asynchronous multiplayer games. do you provide any API for easy implement the social integration into our games or any plan to make it easier?
  7. multiplayer games are waste of time... however, i addicted to make multiplayer games. but always i lack of players! player A joins the room, no one is ready to play with it, he left the room, 30 seconds later next players comes, again no one is to play with him and left.... lack of players! i thinks a multiplayer game need LUCK to success. whenever i made a multiplayer game, i posted the url on reddit and other websites, only first days i had active players on game and very fast lost all players. i want to make a success multiplayer game! but i just can't. programming is no enough.
  8. Okay! Thanks! i have to connect an iphone device to pc to check the error! i'll tell you whenever i did
  9. What about now? i minified the scripts to reduce the size!
  10. We just made a little game with pixi! yoohoo! out first try! DOWNLOAD SOURCE for your website: http://www.html5gamedevs.com/topic/12037-download-source-our-first-pixi-game/
  11. i don't have any ipod, ipad or iphone to test the game! i just tested it on "Sony Xperia L" and it played very well with chrome as it supports webgl - and on my SUMSUNG GALAXY tablet the game play was slow shit as it don't supports webgl.
  12. Here we go, as is said before, this is our ( me & my friend ) first game with pixi actually this is not our first try with pixi, it's our first try to make a html5 game for mobile. play in on devices or browsers which supports webgl hardware check the source as your own risk :| PLAY LINK: REMOVED DOWNLOAD SOURCE & ASSETS: REMOVED source is awful! i will clean the code in next free time.
  13. True. i agree. we have working on new version which is mobile compatiable.
  14. Thanks for open this thread. i also would like to know if anyone did free distribute their game and what was the results? what was your experience? if you did not free distributed any html5 games, and just heard html5 games wont spread, i heard this before, but i won't believe it untill try it myself. i tried distribute iframed html5 games and results was awful, this time i want try distribute the whole game as zip file.
  15. if you sell a non-exclusive license to a portal for 500$, the portal will pay you once. as you sold a non-exclusive license, you can sell another license to another portal and so on.
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