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  1. Apple finally rolled out the last update and now you can compete with your friends and with people all around the world and we'd really like to hear from other developers any opinion on our game.
  2. We implemented a back-end leaderboard on our servers, nothing too fancy.
  3. We have fixed some issues related to the device orientation and this week we should complete the global high-score leaderboard. Stay tuned!
  4. Number Garden Arithmetic bugs from the forest of Lost algebra have taken over the park. Are you smart enough to help Lime and Minet the cat to stand against the neverending wave of maths bugs? Challenge yourself, learn maths and have fun. add them up in your head, no calculators, GO! Download the game from hereMore information about the game here Hi everybody!This is our first post here on the forum even if we have been lurking from a few months ago.We have just released our first game and we want to share it with you.Working with Phaser was a great pleasure: the documentation, the examples and the community support are just amazing! We created a game to help children (elementary - middle school) exercising their math skill while having fun. Nonetheless, we've heard that many adults are getting hooked up too. This is our first game ever so any feedback or comment is welcome. Thank your for your time