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  1. I think my Skills ar not good enough for it but i'll try when i got the time
  2. Thanks for your tips! Im new in this 3D things. But i'll try to remind your tips. I try to create my working room and i think if i got it below 10MB its perfect Is there a way to export elastic things like wires? MeshLab looks realy nice i'll give it a try later when i have finished my scene
  3. ok i got it u shouldnt use to high view on Subdivision Surface
  4. Hey guys, i'm started my first own blender project for bjs. Now i got the Problem that the .babylon file is 217MB Can someone give me some tipps hoe i can reduce it to like 1%? Here u can get the blender file blender file.zip. Thank you
  5. Ok Thank you! I'll try the beta later on
  6. Hi there, i'm creating a scene where i need to use fxaa (camera.__fxaa_cookie = new BABYLON.FxaaPostProcess("fxaa", 1.5, camera, 2.0) for antialising, but with fxaa the trasparent background wont work. *fixed in babylon.js beta* someone got a idea for a work around?
  7. Hello, im trying to Interact with Meshs thats in center of my Fullscreen. Without Point Locker i can just use the mouse with a click event. But with Point Locker the mouse wont be centered ever (accept the Point Locker for Browser). To interact with close Meshs i can just use a other Mesh and check for a collision. But if i want to interact with Meshs that far away it won't work because i maybe will interact with 2 or more meshs in a line. So someone got a idea how i can interact with the closest mesh in front of the window center. Or maybe Someone got a Solution how i can center the Cursor in Point Locker Mode. Thanks for your time! Enoray