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  1. Open
  2. Try to listen this gazzilion .mid Only 1% of them sounds good. You can not use *.mid files for music. MIDI is for deveices communications. Remember awful midi-sound on many html pages from 2000th. MIDI can't drive anything. MIDI describes events that one program send to another. PS too much blablabla. You completely wrong. You don't need MIDI for your task. All you need is high-precision timer and text-file with times and event-names.
  3. I do. Contact developer of player and pay him to add this functionality. It is easy but very expensive for toy. This is root of your problem.
  4. Why do you ask question but doesn't listen answers? Web MIDI isn't draft. It works in all modern browser. Connect MIDI-keyboard to your computer, open link with may example and play. It works. It requires few code to listen MIDI-events. The most (all) of player doesn't send MIDI-events to other programs. Why? Cos no one need this. You can install any virtual MIDI loopback driver to send MIDI-events from professional software like FL Studio to your WebGL toy on same computer. BTW musicians that uses DAW's don't need your toy. Also, ordinary users doesn't have FL Studio and virtual MIDI loopback driver installed. Do you understood? There are no technical problem to create your toy. But it requires to many special software. Do You want to create 3D toy that dances to music? It is easy. Internet full of such demos and toys. Do You want to connect output of non-special software to browser? No way.
  5. Sorry, my English is bad. Do you understood what i talking about? You don't need MIDI for your purpose at all.
  6. Browsers allow listen any MIDI events. See Ask developers of WinAmp and Windows Media Player You don't need this. Use JS timer. You don't need MIDI. See You can watch at this time-based WebGL "event sequencer" for a 6-hour or more, if you wish
  7. I think you just don't understand how computer works. Read more about browser implementation of API's for audio, graphics, MIDI etc.
  8. No. Scene should listen events of music player.
  9. There are no technical problem with synchronisation of scene events and sound. You don't need MIDI API for this task at all. Look to More examples here It sounds fine, it looks nice. It uses WebAudioFont (see But you should be musician to synchronise music pieces and actions in game. This is absolutly different task. You binds sound effects to scene events in ordinal games. In your case, on the contrary, You should bind game events to musical events. Feel free to ask any help to solve any problem in this area. P.S. I don't support SSSynthesiser anymore. Look to WebAudioFont. It has about 1000 instruments and drums, equalizer, reverberator etc.
  10. WebAudioFont is a set of resources and associated technology that uses sample-based synthesis to play musical instruments in browser. See for source, demos, examples. Feel free to use WebAudioFont in your games and applications.
  11. Hi No time to finish work, sorry, See for source and examples. Features - it plays music on desktop and mobile - you can change any part of song in realtime - you can create song from scratch or use about 100 000 songs from library - you can use equalizer and some filters
  12. I tested demo under Windows10/MS Edge
  13. .mid file is for store a music. You don't need it to play music through MIDI synthesiser. See my old project as example Why do you think about games? Market for music producing applications is big. See for example. There are mature apps like FL Studio Mobile, toys like 'real' guitar e.t.c. Millions of users, thousands of applications. Ofcourse you don't need sound engine for simple background music of game. Just use a .mp3 for it. But you need a sound engine for interactive background music of game. For example you can change music in realtime while user in danger. SSSynthesiser.js allow you create, change and play music in realtime. I will try to publish another demo to show more features.