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  1. In my case I need to recreate WebGLRenderer on new Canvas. Also I've deleted previous WebGLRenderer before. After some experiments I've found that you need to clear some cache objects in PIXI.js before recreate WebGLRenderer, to avoid caching of previous 3D context in objects. Here is solution: //clear some cached objects in Pixi.jsPIXI._batchs.length = 0;PIXI.TextureCache = {};PIXI.BaseTextureCache = {}; https://gist.github.com/Hyzhak/5747824 PS: But anyway I'm still having some strange bug with shuffling of sequence of rendering DisplayObjects. It's look like after recreation of WebGLRen
  2. Cool but I think it's better to separate architectural frameworks like Crafty, LimeJS, Cocos2d-X and rendering engines common propose like EaselJS, Three.js. Also I'm developing free modular game engine (http://darlingjs.github.io) it's architectural framework. How it can appear on a list?
  3. @IvanK anyway all mature engine has particles system (Unity3D, Unreal ENgine, Cryengine, ...) so lack of it look a little strange.
  4. Please recommend flexible particle system engine. That can easily use with custom visualization. Plan to use with game engine https://github.com/darlingjs/darlingjs
  5. developing of flexible game engine http://darlingjs.github.io

  6. I also interested in abstraction realization of particle system, because have plans to add plugin for my game engine https://github.com/darlingjs/darlingjs that decouple from any renderer engines. By the way it's cool to share your source from github, it's good way to get usefull pull requests from users.
  7. Is there any opensource library to use xfl adobe flash animation file (xml) in javascript to get animation in canvas? Not through sprite sheet, but by using transformation?
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