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  1. The last update of CocoonJS just crashes with black screen and "uncompressing error" if the zip-file has spaces in its name.
  2. Thanx anyway, I'm sure it would be helpful for someone
  3. This problem is still here in 2.1.2 The most CPU-heavy thread is Phaser.Signal which I don't even use anywhere in my code. It seems like it triggers whenever I use game.add.sprite It makes big lags and takes over 60% of CPU when I use phaser.js or 20% of CPU when I use phaser-min.js Can I turn it off somehow?
  4. I have noticed lags on the first 10 seconds ony my HTC device too. I'm using CocoonJS and Phaser 2.1.1 It seems like I will have to make a fake 'loading screen' on that time to prevent laggy experience.
  5. Here I had the same problem with phaser-debugger So I'm using firebug profiler + game.timer.fps to see what loads the CPU, and CocoonJS + my Android device for testing IRL.
  6. Ok, if you say so, I will not remove it. It's just my first game and I don't know all details about game publishing and selling Thanx for replying to my newbie questions
  7. I saw some game requirements of some sponsors and portals. One of them was a clear console without any debug info in it. When I use Phaser it executes showDebugHeader() at the start by default and AFAIK there is no way to turn it off. I can only disable it by commenting this function on the source code of phaser.js. My question is - can I do that? Is it OK or wrong to do that? I respect Phaser.js developers and if they want to show it necessarily, I won't hide it. And it would be good if it could be disabled in a way like: game.debug.showDebugHeader=false;or something like that:)
  8. It seems like you're doing something wrong. I'm testing my game on the 5-years old HTC HD2 with 1Ghz single-core old proc. and 512RAM and it has 26-46 FPS depending on the gamestate. Can you show the code? Also you can use firebug profile to see what functions loads it. Also here is a useful library Here is another useful thread
  9. I can't make it, help please I'm using Phaser 2.1.1. var bmd=game.make.bitmapData(100,100);bmd.draw('background',0,0);var sLeaf=game.make.image(0,0,'leaf2');bmd.draw(sLeaf,0,0);//works finevar sText=game.make.bitmapText(0,0,'myFont','blah blah',30);bmd.draw(sText,0,0);//doesn't workbmd.update();game.add.image(0,0,bmd);I get an error "Argument 1 of CanvasRenderingContext2D.drawImage could not be converted to any of: HTMLImageElement, HTMLCanvasElement, HTMLVideoElement. phaser.js:31756" when I try this. I also tried bmd.load, bmd.copy and bmd.copyRect. Nothing works. It seems like bitmapData.load supports all kind of sources(Phaser.Sprite| Phaser.Image| Phaser.Text | Phaser.BitmapData | HTMLImage |HTMLCanvasElement | string) but not a BitmapText: Is there any solution to draw bitmapText on the bitmapData?
  10. Still have this problem in 2.1.1 Here is my Firebug Profile with phaser.min.js: Function: Calls: Percent: OwnTime: Time: Avg: Min: Max: b.Signal 3870 33.22% 7955.039ms 7955.039ms 2.056ms 0.905ms 107.833msb.DisplayObjectContainer.prototype.updateTransform 45966 10.99% 2631.376ms 11714.281ms 0.255ms 0.017ms 15.364ms b.Sprite.prototype._renderCanvas 35697 6.25% 1497.76ms 1497.76ms 0.042ms 0.02ms 1.683ms It seems like this occurs right after 'a bunch of "game.add.whatever" calls at the same time.' like Berzee said.
  11. It always shows 59-60fps while game.timer.fps shows 47-60 depending on performance.
  12. I don't know why, but both 2.1.0 and 2.1.1. versions has bad performance compared to 2.0.7 (22fps vs 37fps for example). Is everyone notice that performance change or it's I'm doing something wrong? I'm using CANVAS.
  13. Thanx. I looked in examles a day ago and didn't find this one Now I'll think how to make the shadow 'softer'.
  14. I can make a shadow to a text. Now I need to make a shadow to the Image or Sprite. I have an idea how to do it using Alpha Mask and bitmapData, but would like to know are there any ready solutions? If not, I'm gonna make it and post here in a few days, maybe it will even become a default function of Phaser, cuz it's kinda useful