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  1. pls help. this.generated.context = this.layer1.generateTexture( 1, Phaser.scaleModes.DEFAULT ,Phaser.AUTO); i tryed everything.
  2. hi! how can i use a frame of atlas for tilemap's tileset image? i cant? i have to copy out and make a new bitmapdata and use that? pls.
  3. what is the renderer and resolution property of the generateTexture function?
  4. helo. i want convert a i tilemap into tile sprite for my menu background. ='tilemenu');'tile','tileimage', 24, 24, 0, 0);this.layer1 ='Tile Layer 1');this.generated = this.layer1.generateTexture(); this.generated.dirty = true; this.testImage = this.add.tileSprite(0, 0,,, this.generated);i have no clue what is wrong.
  5. sry but i think this method is too complicated and need too much work. on a simple game btw your solution is nice
  6. helo. i tryed to make a pause screen. the problem is when i set = true, the whole game will be paused and i cant use animation and lots of function. my second try was a state over the lvl1 state and it could be work, but the new problem is: i only can pause the whole game and cant pause just a state. any idea? ty for advice
  7. hi! i would blur only the bottom of the game world. how can i do it? i thinked the best method is make a bitmapdata what is a screenshot of the game and after blur this and mask. but i no idea how to make a screenshot. it is the UI what i would make
  8. pause screen tools for animation and tween. to make a nice ui
  9. i thinked i can use the pixi filters natively
  10. hi! how can i use pixi filter? it wont work for me: this.grayFilter = new PIXI.GrayFilter(); this.aluljaro.filter = [this.grayFilter];i got this in console:Uncaught TypeError: undefined is not a function i thinked pixi have implemented pixi can i apply blur on the whole game? ty for any advice
  11. helo. when i set collision for a tile and i set setTileIndexCallback for the same tile, the collision will not work. do u know any method?
  12. change delta time when u have too fast sprite.
  13. hi! i had to rework my whole tiled map after updated the phaser.js. i wasted hours and after i found the problem. when in tiled i create a new map it is have option to choose layer format. i think first time i used base 64 but now the csv have worked for me. what are these formats? i save in json format
  14. Hi! Can i use animation or tween on "paused"? Destroy and create and visible is work on pauseupdate. So when i cant make a simple animation then i will make a counter and an array with images and i will change animations with use visible property and counter. When i make a tween at pause the tween is conter but not visible. Can i set a tween or sprite to update on pauseupdate and not on normal update? Sry for terrible english