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    @fatalfluff : Thanks for your answer
  2. 1.I prefer to use same orientation for desktop and mobile. 2.In my opinion, its not worth it because its not the main concern for publisher buying your game. Better waste your time to increase the quality and maintain the performance of the game . Just my 2 cents anyway .
  3. Nice game, i like the gameplay, graphics, and also the music really enjoying !! Btw there're some scalling issue...Here how i generate it : First, i rotate the game from landscape to potrait orientation. After that i change the orientation again from potrait to landscape, and the game was being stretched over the screen... Hope this help Cheers !!
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    Hi, I want to add some question regarding non-exclusive License also. 1.With non-exclusive license, do the sponsor get the rights to distribute the game to other portal ? 2.With non-exclusive license, do other portal get right to iframe the game link to their portal ? I mean like this : Sponsor A buy non-exclusive license for my HTML 5 game, then sponsor A put the game to his/her website. After a few days, other portal lets name it Portal B, take the game link put it in iframe and display it in their portal. Is this legal ? I hope some one can give insight about this also Thanks in advance for sharing your experiences.