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  1. The editor it's self is built in Phaser and runs in the browser, so you'd even be able to augment it if you wanted. Our getting started guide might help you get an idea of how it would run.
  2. Howdy, I realise this reply is too late to be useful for you, but maybe it'll help someone else. Pulling other JavaScript files into your project can be done by updating the Browserify Shim configuration inside the project's package.json file. We do this because Browserify Shim is able to pack non CommonJS JavaScript into your single JS bundle. After it's available in your bundle, you may have to require it in app.js to peg it onto Phaser. Give me a shout @lukewilde if you get stuck
  3. Glad it's proving useful and thanks for the feedback I feel your pain. I typically rely on Automatic Semicolon Insertion in my own projects, but am aware that the practice is sometimes vehemently avoided.
  4. Howdy. I've put in a couple of updates since first posting the project. The biggest adjustments are: Added semicolonsLinting has been disabled on production builds by defaultAdded extra states (preloader and game)Disparity between properties.js and package.json has been reducedI was dubious about adding extra states initially, however feel preloader and game are fairly intrinsic. Let me know if anyone feels these are too imposing. I do have a question however. Phaser ships with the MIT license which states: Given this do you think it's necessary that I add the licence in full at the top of the minified production build? Thanks in advance, Luke
  5. Thanks buddy. Yeah, I have thought about that. Though I was concerned that people would have to spend more time converting it to their own coding style. I'll have a think over the weekend and might throw a little more in there!
  6. Oooooo, having Yeoman initialise the project would be a nice touch. I might have to add that to my todo list. Thanks
  7. Howdy! I'm a long time lurker, first time contributor. I saw a good number of Phaser template projects when starting to use the framework, however none I saw had all the features I wanted to help ship production ready projects. Not wanting to repeat the readme, the distinguishing features include: Jade HTML templatingStylus CSS PreprocessorAsset visioning (No more asking for clients to clear their browser's cache)Includes Lodash, Stats.js, and basic Google Analytics integration out of the boxAlong with a stack of development time nicetiesThe project is still a work in progress so feel free to ask questions, request features, and raise any issues you might find. I hope you find it useful. Let me know what you think Luke