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  1. Hey, i need my game to run all the time, even when the window/tab looses focus. So i used this.stage.disableVisibilityChange = true;but it doesn't work properly. If I select a new Browser window, the game continues as intended. But if I switch the tab in the same window, the game pauses. Is there a way to ensure that my game won't stop by switching the tab?
  2. Hey, I'm wondering why the key of the loop will be passed to the closure as a text object: this.skillSelection[key] The first log provides the expected string output of "key", e.g.: "Bash". But the log within the closure provides the this.skillSelection[key] object. //skillSelection this.skillSelection = {}; this.skillSelectionDistance = 20; for (var key in this.player.skills){ this.skillSelection[key] = game.add.text(this.skillSelectionDistance, 450, this.player.skills[key].name, { font: '16px Arial', fill: "#000000" }); this.skillSelection
  3. I really would appreciate this For now I'm considering to continue development for the clientside, as my server experience and knowledges are zero. As Node.js is also based on JS, i hope it wouldn't be that big of a deal to change it to serverside later on, when I got all this server stuff into my head.
  4. I'm not sure about the hosting options. As far as is can see, hosting on platforms like Kongregate supports the frontend and some backend feature APIs for authentication, chat, scoreboard and microtransactions, which is all really nice and saves a lot of work. Plus there is a huge fanbase...But still i have to host the game + Database on my own server. So, I guess I need to build my own backend. Are there other options? Any suggestions?
  5. @Ezelia: wow, amazing! This is what i'm looking for. Thanks! @Gio: Thanks for the advice, i'll have a look at mongoJS. "Easier to setup" sounds good
  6. Hey everyone, i'm building a small idle game (like http://www.kongregate.com/games/junjo/idle-farmer) and want to include a small multiplayer part. Some kind of bonus to stat xy if connected to and playing together with a friend. So no realtime issues or hard network stuff i think. Admittedly i have no experience with networking. Also i thought about most of the code to run serverside to prevent cheating. So there is just visualisation and user input on the clientside. I this a realistic goal considering server costs and programming effort? Is this even necessary? I'm familiar with C a
  7. Got the same problem. Any solution out there?
  8. That's even more comfortable! Great =)
  9. Great answer! Thanks a lot, this works!
  10. Hey everybody, i'm new to Phaser and game development in general. After spending a lot of time with reading tutorials i just startet my first own game. I'm preloading an image for my player sprite. After that i changed the image size with gimp and made it a bit smaller. The problem is, that the game does not update the image. Instead the old one is used after hitting the refresh button of chrome. I assumed the memory was not cleared after refreshing the page. But the problem even exists when i close and restart chrome. So i used the shutdown method for my main_state and destroyed the pla
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