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  1. Some developers in the past gave out their games under a sponsorship license that lets others rent the game for a monthly or yearly period. The license was commonly sold in talkarcade, but I don't think anyone does it anymore.
  2. Has anyone received a response yet? It's been 2-3 weeks since I contacted the support group. The games are still on the developers account and it seems as though they are stealing more games..
  3. I sold a unity webplayer game a year or 2 ago after finding a publisher on TalkArcades, I would recommend it but, I'm not to sure about html5 games, I'll try giving it a shot. Have you personally had any luck with selling html5 games here? FGL is also another recommended site to find publishers, especially for non-exclusives although, the html5 section is getting a little be saturated. If your game is high quality or unique enough you should have no troubles finding a sponsor on the site. I have personally had some luck with FGL even though my games aren't the best quality, and their community is quite friendly so it's worth checking out.
  4. It's probably not a legit publisher. I'll have to contact the windowsphone support sometime today, or tomorrow since its quite early in the day for me to do anything about it.
  5. I came across a publisher that seems to be taking html5 games and exporting them to the windows app store without developer consent. They have two of my games and games created by other devs on here such as Zombies can't jump, Fly Trap,and Caravan Sokoban. I have not licensed my two games under softgames or any such publisher that has the rights to place the games on the windows app store. This is just a heads up message for anyone that has there game stolen by these games. I was also wondering if anyone has actually worked with these guys? Link is here, the publisher is apparently called "One Team", with the developer name Hamdi:
  6. Most html5 sales are from html5 games that are optimized to run on mobile and desktop browsers without webgl. Crosswalk is mainly used to give a native app experience, I don't think it will help much with mobile browsers like the stock browser on S3.
  7. For game engines I would recommend construct 2 and game maker, and for frameworks I would have to say phaser since there's so many tutorials for it and for me personally, its the easiest framework to use with a lot of supporters. As for whats suitable, well that kind of depends on preference since they can all get the job done. If I recall construct 2 has a fairly simple way of integrating multiplayer capabilities using node.js with their dedicated servers. Scirra currently offers their own multiplayer signalling server with a free one for testing and a paid one if you need a dedicated server. Here's the link if your interested: I'm fairly new to multiplayer games in general so hopefully someone can provide you with a more detailed guideline on what you want.
  8. I don't think webgl related games sell at the moment since sponsors still want games to be runnable on older samsung and apple devices on the mobile browsers. This will include Samsung S3, and iphone 4 which don't have proper webgl support for the browsers. If I recall Iphone4 can't run IOS8 so it probably won't have webgl support. Iphone 4s can run ios8 but its awfully slow so I think it might be safe to assume webgl related games may not do well on that device. This takes out a large demographic for sponsors which is why not all of them are interested in webgl yet. Maybe in the future once a new round of devices come along and the requirements for html5 games has changed, we will see more sponsored webgl games.
  9. The following payment methods I used are paypal, wire transfers or interac e-transfer if my publishers card company is within my region. Interac e-transfers seems to have lowest rates, but not all bank companies support it. I also think it might be only available for Canadians at the moment, I think.
  10. It looks amazing, its a shame there's only 3 hours left. Good luck with the project
  11. I heard some good things about leadbolt on another forum, I'll see if I can find the source. I was hoping to use it as my ad-network. Is there anyone else that has tried leadbolt? @sofisantuch Never heard of it, that sounds more like a personal opinion. Do you know any other developers that are using it?
  12. @SlamminSam I'm usually not in the mood to respond, but I thought I'd give my input. TV does have a point, If you use the eye-catching art you currently have mixed in with your programming skills, you could definitely have better success at profiting from an original game. You would probably get much more sponsor offers as well, since most sponsors probably have enough don't touch the spike clones, they may be on the watch for something new with pretty art and that could be an original game that you have created. As for student loans for university, you have my sympathy, it's not cheap. But there are other ways to make money with your skills. Such as freelancing your skills for money until you can think of an original idea. But since the game is already created, try to profit from it, and for the future use your skills to work on a more original project. Try not to take my post as a direct attack, the only reason I bothered posting was because I think individually you and your artist are talented, and I believe you would have a better chance at profiting from something original. I'm also guilty of cloning games in the past, but that's changed now. I also believe the reason TV and Orange are more involved in this thread is probably because they have personally dealt with others who have cloned their games directly in the past, including direct copies of similar characters and game mechanics. So that's probably why they feel sympathetic towards the original developer that came up with the idea. I guess my main point with the last paragraph was to put this in perspective, one day you will work on something and some dude will copy off it and make profit off of it before you could. (such as selling their version of the game to numerous sponsors before you could even reach them all). That's never a good feeling.