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  1. Not much. There is an small API to implement to make sure that you can we have a little library that makes it easy to talk to their API in a PlayCanvas game (though it's not hard to use it directly). Of course the game design has to work in the context of Instant Games. e.g. High score based, challenge-your-friends type games work best at the moment. The only issue at the moment is that it's in closed beta and you need to apply to publish the games. https://www.facebook.com/help/contact/173350173135692
  2. At PlayCanvas we've just launched our latest game. It's an Instant Game on Facebook Messenger called Master Archer. It's a simple idea, fire your bow and hit the fruit, but don't hit the boy! The game was made in-house at PlayCanvas and we used the Spine Plugin to do the animation. The game is designed for mobile (playable in Messenger and your Facebook news feed) but it works great on desktop too. Challenge your mates in Messenger now or you can try it from the Facebook page. Or if you're not a Facebook user try it on our site.
  3. Speaking from the front lines (I'm one of the founders of PlayCanvas, one of the most popular WebGL toolsets) we're already seeing tons of cases for WebGL in full production in all manner of areas. Games: http://tanx.playcanvas.com/ has over 10,000 players every day Configurators: e.g. for greenhouses http://www.vaxthusguiden.se, lifts http://www.aritcohomelifts.com/build-your-lift/ and cars: http://car.playcanvas.com/ High End Graphics: http://casino.playcanvas.com/ Web Design: http://careers.360i.com/ And all kinds of other stuff... We get calls everyday from people who want 3D web applications built so there is definitely the demand out there. I totally suggest you go for it and build your configurator. Though if you're finding some of the low level stuff tricky I highly recommend taking a look at PlayCanvas. We've done all the hard maths for you!
  4. We've just released our latest engine feature: runtime lightmap generation. http://blog.playcanvas.com/runtime-lightmap-generation-for-webgl/ Basically we've designed a lightmapping solution that works well for the mobile web. It generates HDR lightmaps at runtime to prevent excess texture downloading. It's pretty cool!
  5. The PlayCanvas PLAYHACK Game jam competition winners have been announced. The top three games were: Orbital Survivor - http://playcanv.as/p/3G3RnfUz - A manic spherical shooter where you end up shooting yourself. A lot! Galaxies: Combat - http://playcanv.as/p/Ikq6Uk6A - An arena-style shoot-em-up. Upgradable weapons and endless waves of enemies. Space Pirates - http://playcanv.as/p/VhZwmcKu - Bomberman meets Pac-man. Another spherical style game. This time a collect-em-up. With multiplayer. Play all the games from our blog: http://blog.playcanvas.com/playhack-with-playjam-winners/ PLAYHACK was sponsored by PlayJam and ran from 1st Feb until 11th March. There was £3500 in prize money for the winners.
  6. PLAYHACK with PlayJam starts today. It's a 6 week game jam / contest. If you've got a good idea for a game involving robots, rockets or UFOs. It's worth taking a look at our PLAYHACK. We've got £2000 for the first prize, £1000 for second and £500 for third. These events are pretty exclusive so if you're a good developer you stand a great chance of winning. More info on our blog. Feel free to ask me any questions.
  7. We've just announced that next week we're bringing back our PLAYHACK game jam. This time it's sponsored by PlayJam, and they've put up £3500 in prize money (about US$5000). Full details will arrive on Monday when we start, but if you've seen our previous PLAYHACKs it's going to be pretty similar. We'll give you a project to start from with some 3D assets to use in your game. You take that and run with it to build a game over 6 weeks. At the end of that time, PlayCanvas and PlayJam will judge the best games and we'll announce the winners. More info on the blog post and watch out for the launch announcement with the theme and assets on Monday.
  8. This is for PlayCanvas which is a WebGL game engine. No need for Pixi.js
  9. LOL, yeah, I didn't exactly spend much time tweaking the difficulty :-) Main thing is that all the features of the demo work in PlayCanvas.
  10. Hi Everyone, I've just released a PlayCanvas runtime for the Spine Animation Tool. You can grab the code over on Github. To make sure everything works I ported over their sample game Super Spineboy. It runs really nicely. The runtime is available as a simple code plugin, so you can drop it into the PlayCanvas Editor and incorporate Spine Animations into your 3D WebGL games. I also created a simple project that just shows off the regular animations. Hope you enjoy.
  11. Thanks, Maybe I need a more obvious "power gauge".
  12. Lamb Cannon is my entry of Ludum Dare this weekend. Built using PlayCanvas. PLAY IT HERE Post your high scores in the comments! [And if you are Ludum Darer vote! http://ludumdare.com/compo/ludum-dare-32/?action=preview&uid=5182]
  13. Hi everyone, We're onto our 5th PLAYHACK, our monthly game jam competition now. The March event is a special one though. We've teamed up with ARM to give away a Chromebook 2 to our favorite entry. If you were ever thinking of giving PlayCanvas a shot, this month is a great month to pick it up and give it a try. This month, the aim is to build a game using the Buggy model. We've already set up the vehicle physics (if you want to use them). But apart from using the Buggy, the rest of the game design is up to you. Can't wait to see what people come up with. More details in the blog post.
  14. Have you considered PlayCanvas? If you looking for realistic rendering, our new physically-based shading workflow will be super useful: http://blog.playcanvas.com/physically-based-rendering-comes-to-webgl/ Depending on how you are going to be creating the assets, but if you've got FBX/Collada/Obj files for the models you're going to be using. You'll be saving time as you can just drag and drop them into the tools, set up the materials and hit "play". Engine-wise, they all have a similar feature set. It's going to come down to tools, support, which API you prefer.
  15. Hi all, Just wanted to let you know that last week we published Dungeon Fury on to the Play Store and Amazon App store. https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.playcanvas.dungeonfury http://www.amazon.co.uk/PlayCanvas-Dungeon-Fury/dp/B00T349T7Y/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1424083352&sr=8-1&keywords=dungeon+fury We've talked a lot in the past about how PlayCanvas can be used to create cross-platform games, but we want to take this all the way through to completion. So we've know got Dungeon Fury running on Desktop Web, Mobile Web and Native Android (iOS coming soon). We used CocoonJS (which I'm sure you're all familiar with) to build the Android version and I'm really pleased with the Canvas+ performance. Dungeon Fury runs at a solid 60FPS on my phone. We also integrated the native ads from Cocoon into the android version so, on mobile web we run Leadbolt and on Android we run ads using MoPub. Works nicely.
  16. dave

    PLAYHACK December

    December's top entry is a cool little game by felladrin called Five for Christmas. January's PLAYHACK is just starting now! It's going to be a great one so you should come and join in. It's a real GEM ;-)
  17. dave

    PLAYHACK January

    For January our monthly game jam PLAYHACK is looking really cool. Think puzzle games, platformers, match-3... The rules are simple, we give you a 3D model (or 4), you make any game you like using them. This should be a great one for those of you without much 3D game dev experience. Head over to our announcement to get started.
  18. dave

    PLAYHACK December

    And the next in the tutorial series: http://blog.playcanvas.com/playhack-december-creating-presents/
  19. dave

    PLAYHACK December

    Oh, and we've just posted the first in our PLAYHACK tutorial series to help you get started :-D http://blog.playcanvas.com/playhack-december-player-character/
  20. dave

    PLAYHACK December

    The good thing about PLAYHACK is that it will run every month. So if you can't do it this month, you can always join in January for the next one. Last month was our first so most people didn't finish their games. But the three most complete were: SRL: http://apps.playcanvas.com/lizzip/gamehack/SRL Alpha02: http://apps.playcanvas.com/crefossus/pewpew/alpha002 Tank Sandbox: http://apps.playcanvas.com/danielpettersson/hack/tank Definitely worth having a go, just to get a feel for the engine and tools. I'm looking forward to the Christmas-sy results of this one. :-)
  21. dave

    PLAYHACK December

    Last month we ran our first PLAYHACK, the first of our monthly game jams. Instead of a general game theme we give you a cool 3D asset for you to make any game you like with. This month we have a Christmas theme with this awesome Santa's sleigh model. It's just for fun so the rules are simple. Start by forking our original project. Build any game you like, endless-runner, racing game, arcade, etc, but somewhere you must include this month's asset. Our favourite game at the end of the month gets featured on our home page. Last month the theme asset was a sci-fi Hover Tank. Over 40 people forked the project and our favourite game was called SRL. A super-tough stealth rogue-like. Would be great to see some of the community here have a go!
  22. Hey all, We're really pleased to announce that the PlayCanvas WebGL Engine is now open source. You can read more about why here. And we've got a fancy new front page to celebrate. This means that even if you're not interested in using our tools and platform, you can take advantage of the rendering, physics, entity-component system of our engine. It's all on github now.
  23. This is such great news. It's going to make a lot of HTML5 game dev's lives easier :-D
  24. PlayCanvas is offering a great deal if you use us to enter Ludum Dare this December. Submit a game for the jam or solo competition, send us the link and you'll get a 1 year pro account for free! Check out our blog post or the Ludum Dare deals page for more details. Happy Jamming!
  25. Hi all, PlayCanvas and Mozilla are once again hosting the London HTML5 Game Dev's meet-up. It's a short evening of interesting speakers followed by a few drinks locally. This month, Ashley Gullen from Scirra (Construct2) will be one of our speakers. http://www.meetup.com/London-HTML5-Game-Developers/events/151732302/ If you are in the area and interested in HTML5 game dev, it's well worth coming along. Dave