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  1. Found a nice weekly pixel art challenge that give artists deadlines and constraints to make artworks. Its called compixellated and it run by three artists who participate in the competitions themselves too. Challenges get announced on Sundays and you get the whole week to make your entry. You should check it out and contribute. Here is my entry
  2. Should check out the other videos and interviews as well. I love how he says "Put it in the game…" in Indie Game the Movie
  3. Try to use the already minified file in the repository.
  4. I am not sure what the problem might be. Just guessing, is your polygon convex or concave? Some physics engines will not take concave polygons and you'll have to build those by joining convex polygons together. Could that be the issue?
  5. Yeah man, polish takes 90% of the time in almost everything!
  6. Played it again to see the current animation. I could think of a couple of things that you could do - When clicking the circle the only feedback is the jump, maybe you could add something more as well, like it invert colors for a few milliseconds or flashes of white, or gives out like a small low opacity impulse. When you finally get rid of the circle maybe multiple lower opacity circles could come out of it in quick succession and disappear and then you continue the animation that you are already doing. Probably have something on the menu as well, like the quarter note icon maybe bouncing to
  7. Hey turnA, Sorry for the late reply, I got busy with work. I've tried my best to correct the language and keep the voice same across all messages. I do suggest you get someone who is better at language to proofread this so that you can be sure. Hope this helps - tap near virus to start eradicate themTap near viruses to begin eradicating them you eat your first virus! you are now inherit his power!You ate your first virus! You have now inherited its power! tap now to eradicate nearest virus inside your infection area, singed with white border!Tap now to eradicate the nearest viruses insid
  8. I was recently reading a book High Performance Browser Networking and in Chapter 8. Optimizing for Mobile Networks is says that its a good idea. Is the resource wrong or did I understand it incorrectly? Could you please point me to a better resource maybe? Thanks
  9. This is Jonathan Blow the creator of Braid talking about programming of independent games as opposed to normal development. I only heard the first 40 minutes (skipped the Q&A) because there is no video after that point and its hard to relate to the game demo. I forgot where I found this from. Thought it might be helpful.
  10. Breaking up request calls might be very bad for battery. A lot of battery is spent every time a new request has to be sent and the radio is turned on. Do you think there is a way you could "keepalive" the same connection and use it to load all you assets?
  11. Chrome is the default browser since KitKat, isn't it?
  12. Its called one point perspective. I think Boson X uses it.
  13. I wasn't aware of that, thanks for pointing it out!
  14. This is Windows specific but might be helpful - https://www.pokki.com/ I am not sure if they take care of payment, but I guess they should.
  15. I know that TexturePacker is able to export spritesheets (something that you don't want), but if you take care of your compression settings then I don't think the spritesheet's size would become a problem.
  16. I am too late! The URLs don't load any more The screenshot looks awesome, I want to use this!
  17. I am unable to play the game on Chrome 33. I press New Game but nothing happens.
  18. Did some more reading, I guess the right way to do this would be by using a basic looped event? Though I did notice that example going a bit crazy if I switched tabs for a while (couldn't reproduce the bug every time)
  19. On my game's menu screen I needed an animation that runs for a while then pauses for a pre-decided amount of time and then runs again. I couldn't find a function in the API to do this so I ended up with these two options - Option1 var frames = [0,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13,14,15,16,17,18,19,20,21,22,23,24,25,26,27];for( var i = 0; i < 100; i++ ) { frames.push(27);}laser1 = this.game.add.sprite( 0, 30, 'laser');laser1.animations.add( 'shoot', frames );laser1.animations.play( 'shoot', 30, true );Option2 laser1 = this.game.add.sprite( 0, 30, 'laser');laser1.animations.add( 'shoot
  20. You could checkout the commit that you are interested in on git and then jsDoc to generate documentation for that version. You'll have it locally so you won't even have to worry about connectivity
  21. Shouldn't have loaded this on my computer! It was super hard, I couldn't pop more than 4! I think with some polish (in the animations) it could really make for a good game on phones and tablets. PS - I really liked the loading animation, could have stared at it for hours!
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