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    Hey turnA,
    Sorry for the late reply, I got busy with work. I've tried my best to correct the language and keep the voice same across all messages. I do suggest you get someone who is better at language to proofread this so that you can be sure.
    Hope this helps -
    tap near virus to start eradicate them Tap near viruses to begin eradicating them   you eat your first virus! you are now inherit his power! You ate your first virus! You have now inherited its power!   tap now to eradicate nearest virus inside your infection area, singed with white border! Tap now to eradicate the nearest viruses inside your infection area, marked with a white border!   if you tap too fast or there are no virus to eat inside infection area, the white blood cell will die If you tap too fast or if there are no viruses to eat in the infection area, the while blood cell will die   continue to eradicate more virus. you pass the level if you can reach minimum 1 star rating. Continue to eradicate more viruses. You'll pass the level once you reach the minimum 1 star rating.
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    prtksxna reacted to rich in Phaser 2.0.0 Released!   
    After a LOT of hard work I finally pushed Phaser 2.0.0 out today! It literally only just snuck into the March 13th release date But I'm super happy with this build. The headlines:
    1) Pixi 1.5 under the hood = much faster in nearly all cases
    2) Multi-physics engine support: Arcade, p2.js full Body and Ninja.
    3) Better Group handling - more sensible parenting, less code, better child support, faster.
    4) Better Text handling - Bitmap Fonts with spaces in the name! Text shadows, text events, web fonts, etc.
    5) More consistent input events across more game objects than before.
    6) Literally hundreds of bug fixes. I cleared out github entirely
    7) Much better tilemap collision than ever before - tile delta options, tile padding on bodies, faster getTiles, faster rendering
    8) Tilemaps supported across Arcade, p2 and Ninja!
    9) Lots of bizarre physics bugs nuked.
    10) Retro Fonts
    11) Tilemap ray casting
    12) Load Lime/Corona polygon files direct into p2 bodies.
    and loads I forget because I've not slept for 26 hours
    In short ...

    It's all on the repo: https://github.com/photonstorm/phaser
    Site to be updated when I'm back in the land of the living.
    Thanks to everyone who helped test and reported bugs
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    prtksxna reacted to SpriteWrench in [phaser] !pop (W.I.P)   
    Wow.  All of this sounds pretty awesome actually.  Thanks for the link as well. Its amazing how time consuming the "polish" phase of game dev can be.
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    prtksxna reacted to James Cat in What is the name for this perspective?   
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    prtksxna reacted to rich in Phaser General Documentation : Wiki ?   
    Don't worry as soon as I've got 1.1.4 out the door I can focus on getting the full site built (I'm not doing it, but still need to spend time handing it over). Here are a few sneak peaks at the design:



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    prtksxna reacted to meri in Game list of phaser games   
    This is mine: https://sommeri.github.io/JSPrototype/web/minithings/1%20-%20Falling%20Ball/ It is called Falling Ball.
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    prtksxna reacted to Protopop in [WIP] Nimian Legends - Bite-size HTML5 RPG   
    Update: http://nimianlegends.com I've added iPhone support to Nimian Legends. technically it worked on iPhone before but it needed some specific iPhone only touches to make everything fit on the small screen.
    Stephen Gilbert's IOS media queries were a great help: http://stephen.io/mediaqueries/
    This Stackoverflow post also has a very handy javascript snippet for detecting iPads, iPhones and iPods: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/4617638/detect-ipad-users-using-jquery

    Here's some screenshots. I hope you will give it a try:)

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    prtksxna reacted to jcs in Sprite Atlases and Game Performance   
    the maximum texture size that a given device can handle depends on a number of factors: the actual hardware, the hardware drivers, the OpenGL drivers, and the browser's WebGL/canvas implementation. it's *probably* true that if the hardware & driver support a given size that the WebGL implementation will support that same size (it's hard to imagine why it wouldn't, but it's not impossible).
    for instance, iPhone 4 and later support 2048x2048 pixel textures in their OpenGL ES 2 implementation, so that's probably a safe bet if you're targeting iPhone 4+. but early versions of the 3gs only supported 1024x1024, so if you're targeting older systems, you might want to limit it to that. I believe only the Retina iPads (not phones) support 4096x4096.
    android devices are a very mixed bag, but newer devices are generally at least as capable as an iPhone 4. 
    there's not going to be a hard-and-fast rule for all devices, unfortunately. 1024x1024 is going to fit on any device you'd care about, and 2048x2048 is probably safe too - if your game is using that many images or that large of images then chances are good it won't run well on those old devices anyway . but the only way to know for sure is to try it on a given device. 
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    prtksxna reacted to Heppell08 in Tilemap: Shivering/Shaking/Flickering   
    have you tried setting the body to null.
    Scene.Menu.prototype.create = function () {        var bg = this.game.add.tileSprite( 0, 0, 320, 480, 'bg_tile' ); bg.body = null;}
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    prtksxna got a reaction from plicatibu in Javascript namespace - good pratices?   
    I am not sure if this will solve your problem completely but you could do something like this - 
    ( function ( MyGame ) {  MyGame = {};} ) ( MyGame ); game.setup.js
    ( function ( MyGame ) {  var Setup = {};  Setup.CONST = 42; // No extra typing  MyGame.Setup = Setup;} ) ( MyGame ); But yes if you refer to it from elsewhere you'll have to type out the whole thing.
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    prtksxna reacted to meanderingleaf in How to flip sprite?   
    Setting its scale to negative and positive has worked for me. Note that if you want to have it flip in a normal way, you need to set it's x-anchor to the middle first
     sprite.anchor.setTo(.5, 1); //so it flips around its middle sprite.scale.x = 1; //facing default direction sprite.scale.x = -1; //flipped
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    prtksxna reacted to rich in Poll - how old are html5 devs   
    (old enough)
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    prtksxna reacted to d13 in Decisions to take before starting a game   
    > Animations
    => Shoebox: http://renderhjs.net/shoebox/
    > Physics:
    => Use Euler for most games, anything else (even Verlet) is overkill. RK is just for PhD. students. In the rare case that you might need full-blown physics simulations use Physics.js or p2.js. Box2D works, but it's a monster and way to much code overhead for a happy programming experience.
    > Sound/Music:
    => The WebAudio API is a low-level toolbox that let's you make your own custom API. It doesn't have any "play", "load" or "pause" methods - you need to make those yourself using the WebAudio API's tools. It takes about an afternoon to build a sound/muisc player for games from scratch. You can learn the basics here: 
    It's fun to do and a good learning experience, but if you're really busy just use Howler.js:
    > Responsive:
    => Can't you just design for the biggest possible resolution and scale down? I'm not sure about the interpolation problems you're experiencing, maybe you can explain this a bit more?
    > Performance
    => Pixi. It's extremely low-overhead, even for displaying static images. It takes care of all the sprite management and rendering for you too (The "scene graph" as they like to call it).
    => Packaging
    Cocoon.js: https://www.ludei.com/cocoonjs/
    > DevLog: 
    => No idea
    > Launch: 
    => iOS
    > I am making this game alone. Does it make sense to do it under the name of a studio or just on my personal website. 
    => No, the game just has to be good.
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    prtksxna reacted to mentuat in Decisions to take before starting a game   
    1. Animations:  Personally the best method I've found is to use flash to create animations then generate spritesheets with shoebox
    2. Physics:  It's probably obvious to say but whatever you use, test early and often on your target mobile devices to keep on top of performance issues!
    3. Sound/Music: I've been using howler.js to varying degrees of success.  There will always be a device/browser combo out there somewhere that will mess with your sound!  HTML5 games these days really should have sfx so it's worth investing some time getting it right.
    4. Responsive: Not sure what to suggest beyond scaling a fixed size canvas using CSS
    sorry can't help much with the rest of the questions!
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    prtksxna reacted to ghostrifle in Decisions to take before starting a game   
    regarding point 5.
    The question should be, why shouldn't you use it? It's simple to code. It's fast. I don't see any drawbacks in using pixie.js.
    regarding point 1:
    did you try texture packer? http://www.codeandweb.com/texturepacker
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    prtksxna reacted to rich in Javascript namespace - good pratices?   
    This is well worth a read: http://programming.oreilly.com/2014/03/javascript-without-the-this.html
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    prtksxna got a reaction from Dread Knight in Decisions to take before starting a game   
    Or I could just scale the asset when I use drawImage, that way I'll get nearest neighbor interpolation as well. I am still very unclear about how games handle changing screen sized and ratios. Any detailed articles on this would be very helpful.
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