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  1. That is very good jesterswilde!
  2. It works now! I can see that the very last version from 3 hours ago has no problems Thank you Deltakosh!
  3. I have verified that I was using 1.6 The problem was that I had a local version of the lib.d.ts in my project. I have delete that and I still have some issues, but not related with the audio thing: Error 3533 Build: Duplicate identifier 'URL'. C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft SDKs\TypeScript\1.6\lib.d.ts 16032 5 TerrainGenerator.WebClientError 3531 Duplicate identifier 'URL'. C:\Personal\TerrainGeneratorTS\TerrainGenerator.WebClient\Scripts\typings\babylon.2.2.d.ts 307 5 TerrainGenerator.WebClient That I don't know why is happening but is maybe something where you could help me. Could you?
  4. Ok, 2.2 typing file and javascript file. That solve duplicate issues. But I am still having the same problem with the Audio... objects. Where are supposed to be defined?
  5. I have updated the typescript to 1.6 in Visual Studio 2013. I have the babylon.2.1.ts plus the typing downloaded from the git repository but I am still getting some errors. I guess I am missing some js or ts file but I don't know which one. Also, the babylon.2.1.d.ts file clash with the lib.d.ts. Is there a recommended configuration for this?
  6. Thank you @Adam! That typing file includes references to "AudioContext", "AudioNode", etc... But I don't have that and is failing at compilation time. Am I force to have that javascript framework? Where can I find it if that is the case Thank you again! @ChrisR, I have never use gulp, but will take a look. anyway, for now, If I can get the compiled version, it is enough for me. Thanks!
  7. Hi, I am using typescript with babylon js. It is easy to find babylon.js in nuget but not so easy to find the right typing files for babylon. I am using "babylon.2.0.d.ts" but it does not contain everything. What is the right way to develop using typescript with babylon? Should I use a babylon.ts file that integrate everything?
  8. @iiceman: I have restarted the service. It looks like I have some stability issues I guess that more people than expected tried to access. It is working now. It is actually better if you just create an account instead of use the demo one, Each account is saving the last location visited and therefore doesn't make sense to have several people connected with the same account. It could cause problems. If you decide to create one, use any silly password because is not secure yet. Please, try it again.
  9. Hey guys, I have being working with a terrain generator (libnoise) with a layer of glue in the middle (WebApi) to adapt the library to my necessities and a web client to navigate with babylon.js. I am pretty new with babylon and ui in general. I am more a back-end guy, but I enjoyed building this. Not sure what would be the next step. Still thinking about it, and open get some feedback!! account: pass; demoaccount NOTE: Click the login button, pressing just enter won't work
  10. Will change the code to check it. That is meant that even if there is no objects, but I create one very far from the center of the scene, the browser has an extra work because of the distance? I guess it has to in someway process all that distance. Thank you!
  11. Hi Guys, I have an scene that load a skybox, water and a ground terrain. For some reason it started to flash but I cannot find a good reason for it. I have disabled the ground terrain (tiles) and I have only the skybox and the water ground but it is still flashing when I move the camera around. You can check the code and the behaviour in this link: Could anyone tell me what is happening? You can check the javascript files or if you need more info let me know. The Enviroment and Material folders keep all the info about water and sky and the Starter.js initialize the scene. The water vertex and fragment files can be found in the network transaction when loading the page. thank you guys!
  12. That fix it! thank You! And why exactly the bounding boxes were wrong? it is something I am doing wrong? Regards
  13. Hi Guys, I am building a system where I load tiles of a terrain by demand. Depending of where the camera is, I create new GroudMeshes as needed and tile it on the terrain. My Tiles are a json object with altitude data and some other values. I am facing a problem after loading the grounds. I cannot see any error and the grounds are loaded but they are "not visible" and depending of the angle of the camera they appear in the scene and disappear. They should also be checking collisions but they are not. I have a running example of my system, for simplicity I am always loading the same json but the control of the tiles and the rest are the same. To see the problem just click on the link after loading try to move the camera arround (keep the same position) looking in a 20 degree down aprox. and You will see the ground, if you are lucky :S According with my testing, it seems to be something related with loading the meshes during the "before render" or "render" events. If I load all of them before start running the scene. It looks ok. I can also provide you with a zip file that includes the folder and all the files. Any ideas?