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  1. Thank you! I was trying to set the frameName to filename.gif when it was .png!!! looking through the json file made me discover it!
  2. Can you describe Texture Packer settings that work for phaser? I using an atlas using the JSON hash format to place objects in my game... they are not even animated. But I am getting many "Cannot set frameName: someimage.gif" errors... what am i doing wrong? TexturePacker settings: Data: ------ Data Format: json (hash) Texture --------- Texture format: PNG Pixel format: RGBA8888 Layout -------- Max size W/H: 4096 Size constraints: POT (Power of Two) Force squared: on Allow Rotation: off Detect identical Sprites: on Sprites -------- Trim mode: Trim Trim/Crop Threshold: 1 Pivot Point: Center Extrude: 0 Border padding: 0 Shape padding: 0 Inner Padding: 0 Common divisor x: 1 y: 1 and nothing else turned on...
  3. Thank you Heppell08. Any idea how to get the data of a tilemap (after I destroyed some tiles in game) ? or why mytilemap.dump() only outputs hundreds of '.' characters to the console?
  4. I am making a relatively simple game using Phaser.Tilemap... I need to save the tilemap data to a sql database. Any idea how to go about that? I am aware of localstorage, but I need a permanent data save that can be share across sessions and users... Also, when I try to use: myTileMapName.dump();also,I get hundreds of '.' characters printed to the console... nothing else... I am confused. Any help very appreciated.
  5. I am creating a virtual archeological dig using Phaser. I am using a tilemap as a top view of the dig. I need to create a toolbar at the bottom of the map, but don't know how to make it so when the user moves the map all the way down, then the toolbar (in 50% black on screen grab) should not be overlapping the map tiles anymore. I am thinking that adding a padding (the size of the toolbar's height) at the bottom of the map would do the trick.. but I cannot figure out how to do this... Is it even the best way to do it? if so, how do you add padding to a tilemap? Thanks!