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  1. Hello Game has been updated and is now available at a new link = New features : - added pause and home button - Gameplay changes and fixes -fgl sdk added to show monetization and sponsor branding opportunities in the game I am selling this game license for $200 only please contact me if anyone interested.(After your purcahse of license I will implement your brand sdk or custom adds and sponsor logo according to your liking for free) Any reviews regarding this game is most welcome
  2. Thanks a lot for your awesome reply I am glad that you liked this game I will surely try to fix above mentioned issues
  3. Thanks a lot for your awesome reply I will surely try to fix these issues
  4. Hello, I have recently finished my new HTML 5 game "Robo Ball". You can check it out at = Please let me know if you like it or not. I am looking to get this game sponsored so please if anyone know how to get it sponsored and can guide me then please please help me out Thanks a lot, Percy