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  1. Best score 20890. I was clicking like a madman. Very enjoyable game. Its super simple as well, I love it.
  2. Hey, I really like the slide effect on the paddles. One thing i would say is you should probably speed up the paddles/ball a little or maybe provide some difficulty option which affects that. Also when the game first started, because the paddle is flat on the top, I thought that the AI was glitching because it kept shifting between 3-4 pixels either side of the ball as it bounced up and down. It was only when I started hitting the ball on an edge did I realize it wasn't (and the enemy started tracking with it). Maybe you could make the whole paddle round? It would definitely make the game mor
  3. Hey All, Im currently working on a browser based 2D ORPG development platform called Powder Engine. Im here to show it off and grab some feedback and whatnot. Here are some screenshots of a test game I have been building with it, you can also find a live playable version at http://www.powderengine.net/testbed showcasing currently v0.63. Ive made a couple of youtube videos that demonstrate how to use the engine. The engine still needs a lot of work at the moment so I apologize for any bugs. I'd actually appreciate it if you spot any and how to reproduce, just so I can fix as many as I can
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