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    Computergames,chess, music, and shooting spacecows.
  1. Hey Guys. Sorry for checking back so late, was very busy lately. You loose as soon as you miss one red cow. Thers only one life. regards oddskill @Ousaf. The graphics are partly from openclipart.org and some are custom graphics done by JUL
  2. Hello Hardtail. Yeap, this is probably necessary to filter out which theme is wished the most by the community. I heard there are lots of complains from india because shooting cows there is not so popular (i heard india is the worlds biggest exporter of cow meat on other sources too, so well,). So i guess first themed version will be a sheepmageddon/hindu version, to not hurt anybodys religious feelings. A Madonna version is probably a too unrealistic idea, we dont wanna scare players that much, the game should still stay family friendly. best regards odd
  3. Hi Jul. Thats a pretty nice idea. Keeping the calendar in mind, i might probably start with a easteregged version. best regards odd
  4. Hi Hardtail. The most challenging part was actually to get those cows todo stunts in a "no oxygen" environment. We worked together with some really talented "cow whisperers" and some guys from NASA to get that job done. DISCLAIMER: *** NO COWS GOT HURT IN THE PRODUCTION OF THAT GAME ****** The coding part was a breeze, thanks to PHASER. Only thing i had some fight with was some stuttering tweens, but it worked out that it was a chrome vsync problem. best regards odd
  5. Does something like "way too retro" even exist ? I dont think so, i like it very much. regards Odd
  6. very nice one, regards odd
  7. Well, thats pretty cool, a little difficult at first try, but one gets used to it. I give extra points for the real retro feeling. edit: i supported your game with 2.50$, consider it i payed you a beer for it, everybody gogogo. regards odd
  8. Yeah probably, also there will be an game with a mad surfing cow. regards odd
  9. Thank you very much guys, i appreciate it. best regards Odd
  10. Very nice work, i like the business model 2. best regards odd
  11. Hello, my first little phaser game is on. In the moment its desktop browser only, best played on google chrome. http://www.kongregate.com/games/OddSkillGames/cowmageddon-the-game have fun. update: announced by twitter https://twitter.com/oddskill/status/570247719182344193 best regards odd
  12. Very nice little puzzle game. regards odd