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  1. @dockercon @solomonstre it was nice to meet you at DockerCon in Barcelona. I will definitely apply for the Scholarship :)

  2. Alfredo


    It would be really nice to have a really simple example. Like the one from P2.js
  3. Alfredo

    p2.js physics

    Any chance to get an update for this plugin?
  4. Alfredo


    How to use this?
  5. Alfredo

    Chained tween

    I'm trying to make a sprite moving following a path using tween and sprite.position var vec = this.trail[this.trail.length-1];var tween = new game.Tween(this.sprite.position);, 100);for (var i = this.trail.length-2; i >= 0; i--) { var extraTween = new game.Tween(this.sprite.position); var extraVec = this.trail[i];, 100); extraTween.delay(100*(this.trail.length-i-1)); extraTween.start();}tween.start();I also tried to use Tween chain without success...
  6. Alfredo

    Audio on iOS?

    Yes I was using m4a
  7. Alfredo

    Audio on iOS?

    Hey guys, I have problems making audio working on iOS. Is this posible? Or is it some iOS limitation? Thanks,
  8. Thanks, much cleaner, I have one other question, why doing setTexture works using canvas, and it doesn't using WebGL?
  9. Hi guys, how can I draw on a texture pixel by pixel? I cannot find it in the documentation.
  10. Alfredo

    Orientation Bug!

    I don't know if it's the same problem but I cannot find a wait to disable the "rotation message" on the mobile, I mean I want my project to work in portrait mode. Is that possible?