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  1. I am planning a game using Ludei Canvas+. The filter available in examples will support only Phaser.WebGL renderer mode. Is there any way to blur the sprite in Phaser.CANVAS renderer mode?
  2. What if the overlay has buttons? game.input.disabled = true, will stop all the game input. How can we disable input for particular group?
  3. I mean, Do we have any phaser class which helps in doing so? like Phaser.Net
  4. I want save data, like level no, score and game progress. Can we do this with phaser js?
  5. I have side scroller platform game. I want to add some easing to camera follow the character. I am using camera.follow(char) method. Any help on this is appreciable.
  6. How can we find time elapsed since game start in phaser? like as3.0 getTimer(), Time.time in unity3d
  7. I think it is due to infinite loop. In all my while loops, I used break statements followed by a message if it repeats for more than 10 times. It is printing message. thank you all for the suggestions.
  8. I have developed a game using Phaser, some times the browser is freezing. It is not showing any error in console. How can I fix this? Advance thank you!
  9. I want two arcade physics bodies to single sprite, one is for horizontal collision and one is for vertical. can we do this? Advance thank you.
  10. I am using Arcade Physics, how can we swing a body?
  11. I am using below code, game.input.onUp.add(function() { }, this); Is any other way to do?
  12. It is side scroll-er platform game. Player jumps up and down. When player jumps down with higher velocity, it is passing through tiles. Please help in this. code: this.layer = this.map.createLayer('Tile Layer 1'); this.layer.enableBody = true; this.layer.resizeWorld(); this.layer.debug = true; this.game.physics.arcade.enable(this.layer, Phaser.Physics.ARCADE, true); in update function:this.game.physics.arcade.collide(this.character, this.layer); But, still it passing through tiles.
  13. my physics enabled sprite is passing through Tilemap layer tiles. How can I fix this? please help..
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