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  1. Hi, At the moment we are mainly looking for on-site staff, though we may be open to remote working for the right people. Feel free to send us a copy of your CV and we'll take a look (contact details are on the spec: http://www.nonatomic...uk/#!jobs/c136p) - Dean Web: http://www.nonatomic.co.uk Twitter: @nonatomicgames Facebook: https://www.facebook.../nonatomicgames
  2. Hi guys, We're looking for game developers for some permanent positions based in Macclesfield UK. The jobs are for HTML5 and/or Unity developers. Open to all skill ranges, if you're interested take a look at the job spec here: http://www.nonatomic.co.uk/#!jobs/c136p We can offer competitive salaries and have a really nice working environment and culture. If you're interested or know anyone who might be, please don't hesitate to get in touch! We'd love to hear from you. - Dean Web: http://www.nonatomic.co.uk Twitter: @nonatomicgames Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/nonatomicgames
  3. Its working now Was a little odd though as I have caching disabled in the dev tools, I also tried it in Chrome and Opera last time and it failed in both but I'd only opened it in Opera previously. Alas no matter, it's working great now. Thanks
  4. I started to have a play at making an editor myself for Proton, doesn't seem too difficult and I'll chuck whatever I cobble together up on github in case anyone wants to rip it apart and make something useful out of it ;-) That MightyEditor looks really cool BTW! Is it strictly for use with Phaser? As at the moment I'm looking for something independent I can integrate with my own framework.
  5. I can see something like this being really useful. With detectPaymentSystem, would that work by detecting the device you're on and if you're acting as a native app?
  6. All sounds really cool I'm sure you're already aware but I'm getting the following errors when trying to load it:
  7. It's not quite clear but from what I can gather from playing with it id say: rpan: The power of the emission thapan: The angle of the emission type: I'm not sure but the examples put in 'polar' for this which I think means inclusive of negative... ie, if you give it a angle of between 0 and 90, with polar this would give -90 to 90? The examples show using a Proton.Span object as values for rpan and thapan, which I think allows it to get a random value within a range when needed. I'm just guessing though and I may be WAY off the mark.
  8. Thanks, I would normally be ok working with particles in code, an editor is perhaps nicer for experimenting with but I'm happy otherwise. The reason I need one now though is for a client I'm working with, they have an artist who would like to design the particle systems himself but isn't comfortable working in code. I might have a play around making a basic editor to work with Proton as it looks good from what I've played with so far. If I do I'll chuck it on github and link on here. See how much time I get, the deadlines are pretty tight as-is.
  9. This utility is pretty sweet Thanks One thing I would point out, when using it on desktop chrome I found that the focus was taken away from the input boxes as soon as I'd entered a character, meaning I'd have to re-click in the box to fill out the rest of the resolution. It's only a minor thing though. Do you have a github repo set up for this yet?
  10. I use 320x480 for positioning, but switch out for higher resolution graphics and scale up on retina devices.
  11. Hi Guys, I've been asking around on twitter but as yet don't have an answer so I thought I'd ask here too Does anyone know of a particle editor I could use with the proton lib? (http://a-jie.github.io/Proton/) If not does anyone know any good particle libs I can use with Pixi which also come with a visual editor? Cheers, Dean
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