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  1. And also we don't rule out remote working either - just we want some meetings in London as we believe in everyone getting together face-to-face and fully understanding the game's intentions and design. That's the way to make a polished game experience!
  2. Hi, It is a freelance role. Thanks! Rob
  3. We are still looking to fill this role. Get in there!
  4. Hi, We don't require people to be in London, but we do require that they are eligible to work in the UK and can easily attend meetings in London. I've updated the questionaire to make that more clear. Cheers, Rob
  5. Hi d13, We've set up the form as an application pack for submissions. It only takes 5 mins and we do read and respond to everyone who submits the form. Please go for it! Cheers, Rob
  6. We've extended the application date of this job - be great to hear from any HTML5 Game Devs out there!
  7. Note that this job post closes at the end of the weekend. Look forward to seeing your applications!
  8. Playniac is a London-based indie game studio earning recognition worldwide for their games in all formats. We're looking for an experienced and talented HTML5 game developer to build an original 2D cross-platform browser game. The game will be polished and slick; implementing a great game design and integrated with a supporting back-end API. See the link below for the full job specification. To apply, complete the online submission form by 27th July 2014. Please share this link on Twitter and Facebook!