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  1. We have been developing with Phaser and CocoonJS for some time now. It is very viable for professional looking 2d games with this method.
  2. Just took a peak and absolutely love it. Upon first glance maybe bring the menu buttons to where the top right div is. One less step is always better function wise I will continue to use this and pass it around to others I know.
  3. There are also some examples in the input section of @Heppell08 - I dig what your doing there, I am going to check that stuff out!
  4. @Videlais - I had tried the URL approach for a while. I did however try the zip and it did work on WebGL. @kidos your answer was perfect. Strange how a / can make me go crazy Thank you both for your answers.
  5. to shed a bit more light as I have been digging. I use the generator-phaser-official Phaser 2.0.7 I tried it as well creating a blank project and the issue persisted. I know that this worked a week or so ago. What could have changed?
  6. Has anyone else had this issue? While loading our game in the more powerful WebGL through CocconJS we get 4 errors that I can't seem to explain. Cannot open the javascript file 'js/game.js'. The server responded with status 404(NOT_FOUND)GET RESOURCE 'js/game.js' The server responded with status 404(NOT_FOUND)It repeats that for phaser.jsIt used to work then without any change to our game it started to do this. Keep in mind it still runs in slower canvas mode but we wont be able to get ads/leaderboards/acheivements I believe. Any help would be appreciated
  7. Just getting started on it myself. Any hints you can give for the advert stuff to get a leg up?