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  1. For this to work you need a gh-pages branch containing the files you wish to use for your website. You may want to look here: https://help.github.com/articles/creating-project-pages-manually/ And for more informations: https://help.github.com/categories/github-pages-basics/ EDIT: Oups, wrong answer! It's actually working, but since you put your index.html in the game folder, you can't access it at http://glassysky.github.io/ but at http://glassysky.github.io/game/ So you might want to move the index.html to the root of your repo or read the help pages I linked in my initial answer to make a website for each of your games/projects (better, since it looks like what you kinda wanted to do in the first place by putting your game in its own folder).
  2. Phaser is way too big for this. To quote end3r, the finished game should fit into the 13 kilobytes limit with all the resources when zipped. As for the prizes, you don't get to choose. Here's how they were attributed last year: http://2014.js13kgames.com/#places Also, I'll be probably participating, but I'm definitely not in for the goodies! (Well, maybe for a t-shirt.)
  3. Mickawesomesque


    Code inComplete is a great blog with lots of resources on gamedev and many articles on how to implement some games: from Pong to Gauntlet (!), there's also a Tetris clone and it always comes with the sources. Enjoy: http://codeincomplete.com/posts/2011/10/10/javascript_tetris/
  4. You could use the following function: game.add.existing(object) // Where object is "an instance of Phaser.Sprite, Phaser.Button or any other display object"(Check out the documentation: http://docs.phaser.io/Phaser.GameObjectFactory.html#existing)
  5. Hi, When you use Phaser.Game to create your game, you can pass a pre-existing canvas element in the arguments: Game(width, height, renderer, parent, state, transparent, antialias, physicsConfig)Where "parent" should be the id of your canvas. More details here: http://docs.phaser.io/Phaser.Game.html Hope that was what you were looking for!