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  1. Thank You! Solved also problems for older Windows Mobile phones to.
  2. Test device: Lumia 1520 Browser: Edge 14 GPU: Adreno 330 Nothing is rendered in certain conditions like: It loads but does not render. Expect bug to be hiding in LOD or/and Instance system.
  3. e.prototype._localDraw = function (t) {, t.beginPath(), t.ellipse(this._currentMeasure.left + this._currentMeasure.width / 2, + this._currentMeasure.height / 2, this._currentMeasure.width / 2 - this._thickness / 2, this._currentMeasure.height / 2 - this._thickness / 2, 0, 0, 2 * Math.PI), t.closePath(), this._background && (t.fillStyle = this._background, t.fill()), this._thickness && (this.color && (t.strokeStyle = this.color), t.lineWidth = this._thickness, t.stroke()), t.restore(); }, Thx my code started working as I dont use ellipse, but yours demo does not still work. IE11 has new bugs come out: SCRIPT438: Object doesn't support property or method 'ellipse'
  4. @aWeirdoIs it out of the box optimization or it would require something to be changed by app developer? Any doc on that?
  5. How would be best way disable scroll based zooming while on webpage allowing to scroll page and if full-screen then allow zooming with scroll?
  6. Even main demo does not work: Fails here: try { o = r.getBoundingClientRect().top - e.getBoundingClientRect().top, = "baseline", s = r.getBoundingClientRect().top - e.getBoundingClientRect().top; } finally { n.remove(); }
  7. I usually create the button itself when babylon is supported and show it only when scene is loaded. If the button is used only with babylon. if (BABYLON.Engine.isSupported()) { var btnLegend = document.createElement("button"); = "showLegend"; btnLegend.textContent = "Legend"; btnLegend.hidden = true; document.getElementById("someDivId").appendChild(btnLegend); //..... var scene = createScene(); var executedWhenReady = function (){ btnLegend.onclick = function (btn) { //DoSth }; btnLegend.hidden = false; }; scene.executeWhenReady(executedWhenReady);}
  8. When creating animations with bones, it would take better account on positioning and point of origins or any other transforms when creating in blender. And as for cherry on a cake b-spline interpolated bones support.
  9. Cool thx. Now I know what is the problem. Deem I really hoped babylon will take location and origin into account. As for cuticle animation, it is set up with babylon animation with x rotation about 0.30 rads applied in for each cuticle with loop. But I think appling parenting on cuticle has messed up those point of origins in this file. //On .babylon loadfor(var i = 0; i < newMeshes.length; ++i){ if (newMeshes[i].name.substr(0, 7).localeCompare("Cuticle") == 0) { var animateCuticleOpen = new BABYLON.Animation("ani" + newMeshes[i].name, "rotation.x", 25, BABYLON.Animation.ANIMATIONTYPE_FLOAT, BABYLON.Animation.ANIMATIONLOOPMODE_CONSTANT); var keys = [{ frame: 0, value: newMeshes[i].rotation.x }, { frame: 50, value: newMeshes[i].rotation.x + 0.30 }, { frame: 100, value: newMeshes[i].rotation.x }]; animateCuticleOpen.setKeys(keys); newMeshes[i].animations.push(animateCuticleOpen); }}
  10. engine.scenes[] contains all scenes that are linked to it someway. But only function that is called each frame is engine.runRenderLoop(function() { newScene.render(); }); others like loading functions are called only once.
  11. Newscene is out of scope problem from first glance view? Or you call it before scene is ready, might also come up as a problem.
  12. They should open and close like flower petals around cortex. (Animated)
  13. At first I thought so too so I updated blender file now as you can see on video there are only 4 bones. Only warning log gives of are about camera not being setup.