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  1. Don't worry i am too, i'll be showcasing my first game here very shortly too.
  2. So as a web developer, I utilize the technologies listed quite frequently. HTML/CSS/PHP and SQL are all extremely useful when moving in the direction of web applications and web development. As for game development these skills maybe useful in the future if you ever need to create a website or webapp for the game or you're handling some backend processes for your game with PHP and SQL. Actually creating the games though utilizing HTML5 and the Phaser framework, you only really need to learn HTML5 some CSS for specific situations and JavaScript as JavaScript is how we make things move around and do fancy things on the screen.
  3. Well...that would explain why I couldn't play it lol. I'll be looking forward to trying it out!
  4. That would be pretty wicked as far as controls go. As far as the native app, tbh i'm so new to game development I only really know of the CacoonJS solution and only really the name and not the process or if its even something to look at, BUT I will say as a casual HTML gamer, I much more prefer not having to install the game just load the assets and play. Now, there is a slight caveat here in that mobile support has to be done well thinking about making sure the user doesn't acidently scroll the page causing the browser url bar to show up and also taking into account orientation and controls in both landscape left and landscape right points of view. TL:DR I don't feel a native app is necessary, imo HTML5 has the strength of being played anywhere...let it use it's strengths...Yes there may be issues and some up front work of making sure everyone has an enjoyable experience and the issues with HTML5 in various browsers, but tbh I never go to the app store to download HTML5 games. But who knows that may just be me.
  5. This was actually quite fun. Great artwork. I will say it would be nice if you added the full screen mobile support. Great job.
  6. I'll give this a shot when I get to my PC at this point it doesn't seem to work on my iPhone. Based on the dimensions it looks like you will be supporting mobile but if you haven't thought about it I would as that IMO is a huge strength of utilizing html5 and JavaScript as your game dev technology of choice.
  7. So I tried this on the PC and I was right...this is a very cool game concept and what you have now works well on the PC. As for controls, it looks as if there are only two things you have to worry about, shooting and jumping. You could have it so that if the user taps the left half they jump and the right half of the mobile screen they shoot (to keep the UI minimal) which I find useful in mobile games, or you can go the route of on-screen controls. For a smart way to support mobile as far as technical things go, it would mainly depend on how your game is structured but what I'm doing for my first game (Yes I'm a complete noob to game development, but not so much web development) is utilizing the template that is in the Phaser GitHub repository. The link to the templates can be found here: I bet you can modify it to fit your needs since you're utilizing Phaser. But to give you a little background on what your game is doing when I do access it on my iPhone. It is from what I can see freezing up except for the sounds, but its hard to even see what's happening because the screen is incredibly small and does not become fullscreen when I do tap the game frame. Anyways...This game/side project has quite a bit of potential in my eyes. Keep up the good work.
  8. Just tested it on my PC and on my iPhone again and both are now working perfectly. I'm not sure what the issue may have been but I was in a car where sometimes I do drop signal so maybe I hadn't fully downloaded the assets? idk. Anyways great game and seems to be working on all my devices. I love the sounds.
  9. I don't know about others but I play a lot if html5 games while riding home from work. It would be great to see this playable on mobile as well. Great artwork! Looks like it would be great fun.
  10. This works great on the iPhone 5s great work on this I love it.
  11. The art is awesome but trying this on my iPhone 5s I was getting some wired issues with the ground sprite and maybe the top cloud sprite jumping around the screen and following the devil sprites around... The touch worked fine when I figured out to touch the clouds...I'm going to try this on my PC when I get home.
  12. I love this type of game. Simple yet strangely addicting...great work.
  13. I've been using this forum as a valuable tool along with all the wonderful examples provided to us. I finally have my first simple HTML5 game nearly complete but i'm having an issue with accessing the global variables in the Full Screen Mobile Template. I'll post the code I'm talking about below: Boot.js BasicGame = { // GLOBAL VARIABLES score: 0, // MUSIC THAT PLAYS BETWEEN STATES music: null, // CHECK AGAINST DEVICE ORIENTATION TO DETERMINE BEHAVIOR OF GAME orientated: false };BasicGame.Boot = function (game) {};BasicGame.Boot.prototype = { preload: function () { },Now, first I had noticed that in this template variables don't look like how I would normally declare a variable: var score = 0;In my loop timer I basically have the timer increment the score: Game.js updateCounter: function() { score++; scoreText.setText("Score: " + score); }If I use the above code without first declaring the score variable in this state then I get a variable undeclared error. My concept is that I want to add the score to the MainMenu state but when attempting to do so it states the variable is not declared. How would I access the global variable from another game state when declaring it as has been done in this template? Thanks for any help you can provide!
  14. I was unsure if I would like this game but it was actually quite fun...Great job!