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  1. This thread was really helpful for a dev like me, who wanna starts with html5. Thank you guys.....
  2. Jethin

    Dino Hunt 2

    That would be really great, if you add an option to Jump. In all ways, its really nice...
  3. Jethin

    Full Immersion

    Its really interesting!. Nice graphics.
  4. This thread will really help me. Thank you ebraheeemz, for this. It will definitely help me as well to get a good start.
  5. You may need to use Coraldraw or Cs5 for. Am not sure about any other apps for the same.
  6. It shouldn't exceed the WVGA frame size of 800x480, this article link says
  7. mozPay is a good suggestion, i think. . But not sure if its compatible with all platforms.