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  1. Hello everyone! I just released an update of the game that you can find here: http://jordan-aupetit.itch.io/trake Now we can play against the computer. If you play alone, you will face three other snakes. Their intelligence is not exceptional, but it helps to understand how the game works and also to train to beat his friends. As I said before, the game is still meant to be played with friends rather than alone. The graphics have also been changed and moves away a little of the original minimalism. I'm waiting for your feedback on these additions. Continue playing!
  2. Thanks @Ezelia About the configuration menu, i used a little trick about that. I don't used any problematic keys, i used, for instance, E S D F rather than Z Q S D. So, normally, it's okay for AZERTY and QWERTY players . I agree, i think that bots will be a really good feature . @ turnA You are right, it's really hectic but it's also a little bit difficult. I will keep you informed of progress!
  3. Hello everyone! I'm here to let you discover the first game that I publish on the internet. (Because in reality this is my second game). So to explain the game, it's a mixture (at least in my mind) between a snake and a armagetron. The name itself comes from (Tron + Snake = Trake). This game has been developed to be played with friends on a single keyboard. You can play alone but there is really no interest. The two main additions are the ability to shoot and sprint. For the rest, you will discover soon enough . Commands to control the different snakes are explained on the homepage of the
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