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  1. how did you fix the collision after scaling sprites?
  2. There's no scale field in the TileSprite class, anyone has a way to scale them?
  3. hello, I've tried to scale my game using your code @gabenix but the onl thing I get is a black screen. I can't get my game to scale properly the height it always seems that the game take a little more space than what it really is, any sugestions?
  4. I have a game similar to the jetpack joyride, in fact this is the first game I develop so I'm a noob here and I'm having the same scale issue, the game seems to work great on my ipad but when I test it on my iphone it looks weird, the player is so big, the floor image disappears, is there a way to detect the device where it is running and how to scale the sprites as a proportion of that scale?