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  1. Hi postepenno, Thanks for checking my game! Which tap area are your referring to? The balloon sprite size where you should tap to pop the balloon? After you tap a balloon, it disappears and there will show up the point that you've received, that "+1". I assume it is smaller on a mobile screen and should be bigger. I'm using both hands thumbs to get a score over 150 - 200. Thanks, Ionel
  2. Hi, Eduardo! Could you tell me what's the Android version on your Galaxy Y? Thanks, Ionel
  3. Hello, First thing is the UI of your game, Try to use graphics that fit the same style of drawing. If you don't have enough experience with Photoshop or any other software to design the UI by yourself, you can use some kits that are available to download for free, and adapt them for your game. Try to use a different and a more cartoonish font for the numbers of score, lives, etc. You can use two different fonts in your game, one for those number that are part of the UI, they can have a stroke, shadow, etc., and one for the "normal" text. The normal text is that one that you use to render some paragraphs, descriptions for some items/steps/tutorials in the game. I can see that those coins have a different design that the one of your game, they are pixelated, and even they are "in the air", they all have shadows underneath. I like the soundtrack and the sound when you collect the coins. I've played your game few times and the gameplay is exciting and addictive. I believe you should continue its development and if you feel stuck in a situation without inspiration, team up with some guys here, to make something big and beautiful. Best wishes, Ionel
  4. I've tested this on Samsung Galaxy S2, Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini, Nexus 7 (2012), UTOK 700D Lite. If you play it on a different phone please let me know how it works. Thanks, Ionel
  5. Hi, I used PandaJS on my latest project, so I keep working with it on my next project as well.
  6. Hello, I've been reading this forum when I was developing this game, so now it has a released version and you can play it. The game is made with PandaJS and uses some UI graphics that are available for free. The task is to break as many balloons without hitting the ones with a bomb on them and not to let the "good" balloons get out of the screen. It is available on Play Store, so you can download it and give me your feedback. Thanks, Ionel