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  1. BoosterMedia raises $5m as investors see vast growth potential in HTML5 games The world’s leading HTML5 games company is backed to pursue its vision of mobile games distribution across easy-to-access web portals and native app stores AMSTERDAM, September 11nd, 2013 - BoosterMedia’s rapidly growing HTML5 games ecosystem has today been backed by existing investors Truffle Capital and Solid Ventures, along with a new strategic investment from the multinational mobile commerce group Neomobile. The Series A round of over $5m gives the BoosterMedia management team funding to continue its international expansion as well as adding to the team at its Amsterdam, The Netherlands, HQ. It will open new offices in Singapore and Sao Paolo, Brazil, before the end of the year. The firm has recently opened an office in Tokyo to continue to expand its relationship with Japan’s leading games publishers. BoosterMedia has key partnerships and distribution deals with several Tokyo companies already in place. The funding will also enable BoosterMedia to continue to enhance its platform and lets even more third party developers to publish and monetise their HTML5 games through BoosterMedia’s distribution partnerships with leading brands worldwide. The platform allows gamers to enjoy an extensive portfolio of free-to-play ad-funded games, social community features and freemium games with in-app purchases. Using a single code-base, HTML5 games can be run on many different platforms and devices. Laurens Rutten, CEO of BoosterMedia, said: “Most game developers now have to compete with hundreds of thousands of rival products on the traditional app-stores and they’re finding it almost impossible to get their games discovered. “With HTML5 however, their products can still be offered in the various app-stores, but it’s up to the developer to distribute it via the mobile web as well. We are giving them additional choices and allowing them more time to be creative with their games rather than just re-coding for multiple platforms.” There will be added support for the new HTML5-dedicated operating systems, such as Firefox OS and Tizen, and BoosterMedia will invest further in its in-house games studio, providing HTML5 freemium games in partnership with leading brands and IP owners. About BoosterMedia BoosterMedia is a front-runner in the development, distribution and monetization of HTML5 games. The company develops social games within its in-house Game Studio and also distributes games from third-party developers. Currently, BoosterMedia brings HTML5 games via more than a hundred games destinations worldwide to millions of users every month. BoosterMedia was founded in 2009 and has a young, very ambitious and innovative team with staff from all over the world. Headquartered in the centre of Amsterdam, The Netherlands, the company is now quickly expanding worldwide. It recently opened a new office in Japan and will open offices in Sao Paulo, Brazil, and Singapore in the course of 2013. For more information (not for publication), please contact: Laurens Rutten, founder and CEO of BoosterMedia E-mail: laurens.rutten@boostermedia.com / mobile phone +31651788427
  2. Hi all, Today doctorhtml5games.com is launched! It's for people who wish to learn more about HTML5 game ecosystem (especially for mobile/tablet) which contains concrete tips and tricks for developers, distributing research, sharing insights, real case studies, and relevant news. You will be able to find information regarding different aspects of HTML5 game ecosystem, such as How VC looks at HTML5 How to keep high quality graphics but reduce the loading size For what devices and why does it matter for HTML5 game development and more will be coming! You can follow the twitter @DrHTML5games Facebook https://www.facebook.com/DrHtml5Games If you are also interested in contributing your own experience/trick in HTML5 game development, please contact doctorhtml5games@boostermedia.com
  3. I could probably save you a lot of time. BoosterMedia has more 100+ mobile gaming portals around the world! :-) If you have any good games for mobile/tablet browsers, talk to me! Examples would be: m.roundgames.com m.clickjogos.uol.com.br m.jeux.com ...and more!
  4. I have nothing to say but "It's a really nice Solitaire game :-)!" Good job, Hima!
  5. ElleChen

    Monster Air

    Despite the scaling issues on the mobile, It's a nice simple game A pity that the control on Android default browser is a bit slow (on S3). But would look forward to your future games in HTML5
  6. ElleChen


    The forum looks awesome, Rich! It'll be great place for discussion and share info regarding HTML5!!