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  1. Awesome thanks @jerome & @Pryme8. For completeness this is what I ended up with. ```ts private generateFlatLathe(name: string, shape: Vector3[]): Mesh { return MeshBuilder.CreateLathe( name, { shape: shape.reduce((duplicatedPoints, point, index, allPoints) => { // only duplicate the non start & end points index !== 0 && index < allPoints.length - 1 ? duplicatedPoints.push(point, point) : duplicatedPoints.push(point); return duplicatedPoints; }, []), }, this.scene ); } ```
  2. See my example: https://www.babylonjs-playground.com/#165IV6#435 I have a lathe mesh that is a swept surface, that I want to appear smooth around the surface, but not have the vertex normals be vertically smooth (if that makes sense?). Basically without converting to flat mesh, the normals make it appear to curve around hard edges that should remain to be hard. Is there a way I can update the normals to make it appear to have hard edges, but not be faceted on the cylindrical surfaces?
  3. Thanks @RaananW for raising the issue, I did end up doing exactly as you described, however I agree with the issue you raised that ideally there would be a Babylon way to do this.
  4. Hello, I'm attempting to implement support in my scene for navigating with a 3dconnexion spacenavigator, which has 6 axes. I can see it successfully registers as a gamepad, and can see four of the six axes bound to the "leftStick" and "rightStick" attributes, however I of course need the extra two axes. I thought about creating a new `3dConnexionGamepad extends BABYLON.Gamepad` class, however I can't think of a way to get the `GamepadManager` to create an instance of my custom class. Is this possible? If not is there a workaround like mabye binding to the `.update()` method of the gamepad instance?
  5. Yup that did the trick, nice one @Deltakosh Just so I understand the code, what is the effect of forcing the camera to get the view matrix? camera.getViewMatrix(true)
  6. @Deltakosh yep Sven's example above has the issue - just move the camera around and you can see the axis in the corner bouncing a bit
  7. @Sven / @Deltakosh the recent update (`babylonjs@3.1.0-alpha2`) has caused a weird regression in this behavior - the position now as animated "springiness" in it. Is there a way to stop the position from animating?
  8. @Deltakosh Yea I would have thought that was the right parameter, but as you can see in my original demo (http://www.babylonjs-playground.com/#IBU2W7#2) modifying the speed ratio on the fly causes the animation to glitch back and forth in the animation timeline.
  9. @MackeyK24 the example that @Deltakosh gave which uses `scene.animationTimeScale` works for my purposes. I would however prefer to be able to do animation level scaling as it affects other things like camera animations which I don't really want.
  10. @Deltakosh great that works well (also works to make all animations reverse), however is it possible to control a single animation? I think this actually suits my needs, but it would be good to know if independent control is possible
  11. Hello, I'm having a bit of trouble working out how I can dynamically change the animation speed, while still maintaining the current frame the animation is up to when I make the change. See demo here http://www.babylonjs-playground.com/#IBU2W7#2 When the speed changes I would hope that the current frame was not affected, so I can ramp down to a period of slow motion then resume back to normal speed I suspect I might be mutating the wrong variable to change the speed, but I can't work out what might fix it
  12. I am building an application that has a lot of requirement of the user to understand the world coordinate system, so I want to add in the bottom left corner of the screen a widget that shows the world axes and their rotations. I've succeeded in attaching the axes lines to the camera however as expected the parenting caused the axes' rotation to be bound to the camera's local rotation, not the world coordinate system. So my question is how to I attach the axes to the camera, BUT make sure their rotation is locked to the world coordinate system? Demo here: http://www.babylonjs-playground.com/#V2FN42#1
  13. I too would love to see server again this year. Last year my team entered a game into the server category, however it was a complete flop. This time around we are much more organised and many lessons learned from last time. If an entry was submitted this year meeting last year's specs (13k backend + 13k front end) as a server game would it be considered?